Valve has announced the Steam Deck 2, which is planned to be a wireless smart device that lets you see the status of your computer from anywhere in the home. This device is being designed by the same company that designed the original Steam Controller.

In an interview with The Brink, Valves Steam-Deck designer Lawrence Yang and Pierre-Loup Griffin discussed strategies for the follower variation of the Steam Deck.
The battery and the display screen life are probably the most problematic and primarily criticized components that Valve desires to modify.
Even if the Steam deck itself is extremely simple to fix, the battery of the power portable is relatively complicated and for that reason tough to change.


When you think about that batteries like to lose performance quickly, a huge problem.
The screen of the expensive portable is consistently slammed compared to the OLED variation of the Nintendo Switch and is to be replaced for Steam Deck 2.

Truly now?

The Steam Controller returns?
For numerous readers of the interview, the Steam Controller may have been far more unexpected than the enhancement prepares for the Steam Deck.
The very first version of the Valve controller was hard criticism.
The quality of the elements was bad, there were compatibility issues, for numerous video games gamers needed to take control of the mapping of the principle of a universal controller was good, however the execution was poor.
Will Valve’s courage to be owed to a brand-new Steam Controller to the success of the Steam Deck?
It would definitely make sense to develop a dedicated controller for the deck.
Together with the docking station, the Steam Deck might become a high-end variation of the Nintendo Switch.
Whether the Steam Controller 2.0 will actually come true is still in the stars.

If it has to do with the designers Yang and Griffin, they want to tackle the advancement.
We can only hope that she will establish the all-rounder who was not really great this time.
In the interview, Lawrence Yang even expressed that Valve might provide up the development this time to have an external company produced the revised controller.
What do you all indicate?
Could the Steam Controller 2 be a hit this time if it may be established by scuff or racer?
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