The year 2022 is about to finish, which has left us interesting content in the form of series and films in the different streaming services, proof of this was Stranger Things 4 and even Merlin.
However, part of the anime is also a most important market, and recently the Crunchyroll platform has confirmed what we will see at the beginning of 2023.

This is the official statement message on the page:

Let your friends know about all the great anime that is broadcast this season here in!

OMG, Origin Stampede and Vinland Saga Season 2 will arrive soon?!?!

Your favorite friends also return to Houri Season 2 and The Misfit of Demon King Academy II!

And relax with all your continuous favorites like My Hero Academia, Blue lock and One Piece!
Here are the schedules with the most important premieres:
-Origin Stampede: premiere on January 7 and with dubbing is pending
-Vinland Saga Season 2: January 9 and with dubbing is pending
-Volume-chan is a girl!
January 4 and is pending with dubbing
-My hero Academy Season 6: It is still broadcast on Saturdays with dubbing and subs
-Bingo Stray Dogs Season 4: It opens on January 4, with dubbing there is no date
-Near: Automata Ver1.1a: January 2023, will have Latin dubbing
-Blue lock: It is still broadcast on Saturdays, subtitled and with dubbing
Via: Crunchyroll
Editor’s note: It seems that during 2023 there will be no anime drought, because what we show only in January.
So it will be interesting to know what holds this streaming platform in the following months.