Message Thirty-three (CEO Han Sign-in, hereinafter 4:33) applied a Christmas theme to the global service mobile sports game boxing star, and added the new boss and the strongest league 13 leagues.

First, at the end of the year, the NPC (Non-Player Character) and the game menu have been transformed into a Christmas atmosphere so that you can feel the Christmas atmosphere.


In addition, a new boss character Jackie of the brain owner of the brain was added.
Jackie is a character that uses the Gauntlets, which constantly studied and created a powerful weapon that can complement his weak body.
Detailed ways to use Jackie’s powerful mega punch skills can be checked in advance in the boss skill information.

In addition, the Snowman’s full-body costume, which allows you to create a Christmas atmosphere in the game, has been added, and 13 leagues have been added for the strongest people who go beyond the top 12 leagues of boxing stars.
Users can get 13 league trophies after achieving 9,000-star points.

In commemoration of the emergence of new boss Jackie, you will receive 500 gold and 3 challenge tickets, a ticket to the boss.

In addition, the Jackie Boss Exhibition will be held until the 12th of next month, and you can challenge the boss war and clear the in-game mission to receive various items in the game.

There will also be a gift event that will provide boxing star limited goods packages to 10 TOP sat the end of the boss exhibition until the 12th of next month.

Meanwhile, boxing stars have realized the cool blow of boxing games with intuitive touch manipulation, and are characterized by casual graphics and exciting music that anyone can enjoy casually.