All Blackmail skills are obtained by spending elaboration materials.
While a couple of early skills are obtained with basic materials, almost all other game skills require teeth to manufacture.
Here is how to get teeth in Blackmail.

Where to find Blackmail teeth

Like other craft materials, all teeth come from the same source, but they are certainly more difficult to find.
To have teeth, you will have to get any chest you see.
While skills and teeth pages come from the same chest, the vast majority of Blackmail chests will teeth.
Any other handicraft material can be achieved quite easily, they are only teeth that require hunting.
Regularly you will only get a tooth of the basic chests.
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Fortunately, skills only require one to three teeth to create them.
The skills pages are also extended enough to have a decent teeth surplus for the time you need to use them.
As annoying as it is, even the new types of arrows cost a lot to unlock, so you will want to make sure you have some at hand at the end of each section as well.

What are teeth used in Blackmail?

As stated, teeth are only used to create new skills, they have no other purpose.

However, you will want to stock up as soon as you can start exploring safely.
Unlike all other materials, there is no limit on the amount of teeth that can sustain at the same time, but still want to unlock the Deep Pockets skill as soon as possible.
Another important ability you want to learn is Sharp Arrows, which will cost you three teeth.


Image source: The Para sight through
This is all you need to know how to get teeth in Blackmail.
If you need to return to an anterior area to find more chests, we have a guide on the rapid travel mechanics of the game.
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