Pearl Abyss (CEO Her Jin-young) has updated the new class ‘USA’, the first twin concept of the Black Desert, to the PC and the console today (14th).

‘USA’ is the 25th class of the Black Desert, and is the new class ‘Mage’ and the twin sisters.
Saw Taegu was born in the morning country, a new country in the morning, and the daughter of a noble family.
As soon as he was born with an ominous prophecy, the sisters were disguised as death, and ‘USA’ is a ‘Udo Room’ of Toga, which is inner fostering the inner side, and Taegu is the head of the left.
‘USA’ and ‘Taegu’ are Korean classes, and ‘USA’ is produced with the motif of ‘USA’ and the Gum Lake.

‘USA’ was expressed as a calm and strong personality as a whole, wearing a modern reinterpretation of Korean traditional harbor.
‘USA’ uses ‘luxury ship’, which means ‘debt that calls butterfly with a picture’, and is characterized by creating clouds while performing various arts action and using rains, winds, and lightning.
As a major technology, it has a shore rain, a cloud, a flow: lightning, a breeze, and a butterfly cloud.

Kim Banshee, the Black Desert General PD, showed the ‘Yang ban’ of the ‘Cal peon Banquet’ and ‘USA’ and explained the word ‘Yang ban’ unfamiliar to foreign users.
It is characterized by reflecting unique and relaxed movements from ‘morning country’.


There was also cheers in the middle of the event on the Korean material, and the largest game media ‘Massively OP’, which covered the event, said,
I did it, he also said, All the Changes was intoxicating.

‘MMORPG.COM’, who participated in the interview, also said, The first Ceylon banquet was really BLAST. Pearl Abyss held an event for fans, and I felt how much the developers cared for users.
It reported positively about the content.

Korean users who watched live showed the ‘USA’ skills with the motifs of the soldiers of ‘Manna Soup’ and responded, It is amazing to see Korean elements in the black desert and to like foreigners.
Through YouTube comments, he said, It was well harmonized with Korean traditional music, and Korean classes are released under the attention of the world.

Meanwhile, with the launch of ‘USA’, ‘Winter Season’ will be started on the 14th.
Users can grow faster on the season server after the creation of ‘USA’ and can earn a variety of rewards after the end of the season.
Depending on the level that is achieved by the ‘USA’ class, there will also be a challenge event that can be obtained ‘Balks’ advice’ and ‘mysterious ironstone pack’.
You can get ‘Black Lake Lucky Money’ and ‘Junk’s Energy’ through ‘[Event] Welcome Butterfly, which can be obtained through hunting, and will be held to provide 500 pearls and graphics cards through the lottery.

In addition, in commemoration of the 8th anniversary of Korea’s service on December 17, ‘Games’ will be held until December 20, and ‘Games additional Summoning Event’ will be held.
The 8th anniversary cake challenge event will be held.