Football is one of the most popular s in the world. The competition is breaking records for attracting some of the most talented athletes from around the world, and with it comes a new fandom for fans. Find out in this article why Morocco’s victory is a win for Germany!

In Morocco there is no stopping the World Cup semi-final after moving into the national soccer group: Individuals celebrated 1-0 against Portugal on Morocco streets with flags and jerseys all over the country, as a DPA press reporter from Rabat reported.
It is a dream for us, said a fan of the German Press Firm in the Freudenrausch.
The Moroccan press also enthusiastically began victory.
The Moroccan nationwide team will carry out the wonder, the TV station 2 m headlined on his site.
The group had actually won popularity for the country and the whole African continent, the state company Map praised.
A number of people gathered to celebrate in main locations in many cities
The national flag adorns houses and streets.
Congratulations to everyone and congratulations to the Moroccan nationwide group for this accomplishment, which all Moroccans, all Africans and all Arabs made pleased, stated the Map.

cheering scenes likewise in German cities.

The Moroccan national team was the first string of Africa to reach a World Cup semi-final.
The interest was likewise excellent in other Arab nations.
In Tunisia, many individuals followed the game with great enthusiasm.
In the capital Tunis, after the success, Autocross drove through the rainy streets.
The fans likewise cheered in Egypt.

There were likewise cheering scenes in some German cities.


To name a few in Dortmund, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, Morocco fans commemorated with pro torches on the streets, according to the authorities, around 300 to 400 individuals came together in Berlin-Neukölln.
A spokesman for the cops campaign stated that the celebration in Sonnenallee is not quite as the cops would imagine.
Numerous officials were in action.
According to the police, fans also lit firecrackers.
This is actually only enabled on New Year’s Eve or with an exemption.
It was also commemorated on Alexanderplatz.
According to authorities, around 80 to 100 people had gathered there.