The new season in Destiny 2 means the emergence of a new seasonal artifact, which means new mods that need to be unlocked and use.
But before this happens, the guards need to first purchase a seasonal artifact.
Bungee has changed the formula for guardians who want to plunge right now.
Here’s how to get an artifact and start work on its improvements.

When will you get the seasonal artifact of the season 19 in Destiny 2?

Players will need to go through the initial quest and a few more short steps.
Before they can get their gloves on Seraphic’s cipher.


For Bungee, it has become ordinary practice to involve players in history as soon as they enter the system during the new season, and work them out a few steps before allowing them to purchase a seasonal artifact.
Like all seasonal artifacts, Seraph Cipher is good only for the current season.
In the 20th season, it will be replaced with some bizarre trinket.
Seraphic Cipher is actually very smart, since the guards track the subprograms of Rasputin, which will be encrypted.
It would be reasonable if the device were modernized and would become more complicated as more data is collected.
This, of course, makes more sense than the last seasonal artifact from Rasputin, which was a saber.

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