In Warhammer 40k: Dark tide there are different types of enemies. The level of complexity will increase with an increase in levels, and the disgusting faces of enemies are what you should look at in Dark tide.

One of these categories is infected enemies that are quite ugly, but easy to cope with them. They often appear in the game. Pox walkers, Plague Hounds, Plague Busters and Mutant are some enemies that fall under the category of infected.

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Explanation of enemies infected with dark tide

Infected enemies are created due to the infection caused by Núria rot. You will find several enemies similar to zombies scattered in the game; They are called WALKERS. You can defeat Pox walkers very quickly, as they do not have armor compared to other enemies in Dark tide.

Infected enemies sometimes appear in special zones of the Renaissance. These enemies will attack you with hordes, but cannot create special problems for you due to the lack of HP and the protection of the armor. You can destroy them by applying single shots to the head.

Infected enemies can use damage when they move away from your hardness and cause you damage. The infected Pox Walker can cause significant damage if they attack large quantities after they escape from your resistance.

If you play a specialist or an elite class, then the infected Robuster and Pox Hound will increase your damage by 10 %, which will facilitate the destruction of these infected species in Warhammer 40k: Dark tide.

These enemies are only the beginning. As you move up the stairs, the difficulty level will check your skills at the highest level.