According to the Italian manufacturer, who for that reason imagined this model specifically for the gamers of Gran Tourism 7, the Ferrari Vision Gran Tourism is influenced by the sporting prototypes of the 70s and 60s, in particular the Ferrari 330 p3 and the Ferrari 512 s which it Borrows DNA under a hypermodern body. The engine architecture uses up that of the really current Ferrari 499p prototype.

Unveiled on November 27 in Monaco as part of the Gran Tourism World Series 2022 final, whose Cup nations returned to the Spanish pilot Lopez shell in front of Chilean Angel Inostroza and Japanese Trauma Miyamoto, Ferrari Vision Gran Tourism launches the class and the power that can be anticipated from such an alliance.

Little naughty satisfaction of Samundri Yamaguchi which has lasted for a few years now, the Vision Gran Tourism job causes its wake the most prominent manufacturers in the history of the car, from Mercedes to Toyota through Peugeot and Porsche. To end up the year and celebrate its 25th anniversary, Gran Tourism is now using a little gift from the brand name to the prank horse.



The date of accessibility of this 1,030 hp cars and truck has not yet been communicated, but extra details on its design are available on the video game site.

Gran Tourism 7-Annon de la Ferrari Vision Gran Tourism