DMZ mode in Call of Duty: War zone 2 offers an open world in which players can explore, collect supplies, perform contracts and, finally, evacuate. The exile zone is a hostile world filled with A soldiers and some real players with whom you have to compete. This is how the weapons system in the DMZ game mode works.

What is a smuggling weapon in a demilitarized zone?

When you first launch DMZ, you will have six types of weapons in your equipment. This smuggling weapon is pre-equipped with certain devices and cannot be changed. This weapon will be lost irrevocably if you die in a demilitarized z1. You can add more smuggling weapons to your cache, collecting it as prey or from AI soldiers (bots) and real players, and then successfully expelled it. Also note that you can wear no more than two types of weapons at the same time. In addition, you can clean your cache with weapons by destroying any smuggling weapon that you do not want to leave.

What are weapons drawings in DMZ?

Weapons drawings are similar to what Call of Duty players are used to playing War zone 2. Unlike smuggled weapons, the drawings of weapons are insured and will not be lost forever in the demilitarized zone, even if you die. Instead, they will have a two-hour recovery period after returning to your inventory. You can speed up the recovery time by returning to the demilitarized zone and extracting huge amounts of money. Weapons drawings can be configured using a gunsmith to have your favorite investments.


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