We are already talking days ago that Damon Kia prepared one of the market bombs, but not happy with one have managed to add two fundamental pillars to their team. Anna and Deft add to the Damon Kia project with the objective more than clear to win everything both at the national level (LCK) and in international events that are classified as League of Legends.

Last year they already tried the signing of Anna, but T1 put many obstacles to it and there was one of the sunroofs of the market in South Korea. Finally, he could not play in the team he wanted and left for Longship who set a 2022 to forget, ending in a discreet eighth position in both spring and summer.


Damon Kia surprises everyone with the signing of Deft

Deft is being the protagonist in recent days, and in less than 24 hours, he has already found a new home. Both he and the rest of DRX members are free agents, so they can continue in this project or undertake a new course in search of new challenges, as the proven South Korean shooter has done.

This is a movement that surprises, since the information pointed out that Viper or Ruler could be the main options of the team. The first one returned to Hanna Life after his passage in the LPL and his world title in 2021 with Edge, and Ruler at the moment we do not know his destiny.

In this way, Deft lands on another winning team that will seek to add his second hauling in Worlds. The organization is aware that the peak of Canyon and Shoemaker must make the most of the peak, and therefore must form a team according to them. In this way, the team is composed such that:

  • Top: Anna
  • Jungle: Canyon
  • Mid: Shoemaker
  • ADC: Deft
  • Support: Kelvin

To put the climax to the project, Damon Kia incorporates Gorilla, the exsupport and analyst of the League in the official retransmission in Korean, like Head Coach. The League is tending to former players occupying these positions, and therefore can fit as a ring to the finger, given its great career as a player and having had numerous experiences sharing costumes with great renowned players worldwide.