The Dallas Cowboys ended the long winning streak of the Minnesota Vikings with a win. The Eagles meanwhile made a late return while the Expenses found back on track. The Lions amazed the Giants and the Patriots accomplished an incredible last-second goal to victory over a department competitor.

NFL: Recaps Week 11

Bye Week: Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars

The video game of the week

  • The Bills began gradually, but on the 5th Drive quickly before half-time, Josh Allen (18 out of 27 for 197 Backyards, 1 TD and 6.1 EPA) had the ability to bridge 78 yards in 1:40 and take the lead with a TD on a stone Dow. From there the Costs shorten on every drive.
  • The browns were able to break through with their Pass-Rush professionals again and once again, but this defense is still extremely vulnerable to the run. The Costs were able to specify the rate of the line of skirmish, especially at Early Downs, while conversely the Browns 2 Yards Pro Carry had 1st down and generally might not generate a push against the excellent Costs Defense.
  • The Browns could not use a solid video game by Jacoby Brisket (28 out of 41 for 324 backyards, 3 TDS and 23 EPA). Symptomatic for this were two dropped TD’s in the 2nd quarter, which connected well, but ultimately culminated in a field of objective.

Buffalo Costs (7-3)- Cleveland Browns (3-7).

Atlanta Falcons (5-6)-C ago Bears (3-8).

In total, Dallas had 7 sacks and 13 QBs hits in the video game. Parsons is now in 2nd place for most games with at least 2 sacks in a video game in his first two seasons (8). Kyle Pitts had to leave the video game hurt and could be longer. It was just when all the knitting threatened that Galen Hurts, who was not able to encourage as a Passer (18 out of 25 for 190 backyards, 1 TD and 4.9 EPA), then the game. They attempted to conceal Matt Ryan with a running video game plan for the short pass game from the Eagles Pass Rush, however eventually such a strategy requires the success of lots of little plays.

  • Best guy at the cowboys was running Back Tony Pollard, who brought it to an extraordinary 189 Skirmish Backyards (21 Touches) and 2 touchdown reception. Both TD receptions discussed more than 30 backyards each, which had not achieved running back considering that Jamaal Charles in 2015.

  • Matthew Stafford needed to go out of the game with suspicion of concussion after he was currently taking a concussion with a concussion. The Rams-Orese also combated with a number of other injuries prior to and during the game and had the ability to produce little except for a big play TD on Tutu At well.

  • The Saints ended their QB debate this week with a choice for Andy Dalton, and he immediately provided: 21 out of 25 for 260 lawns, 3 TDS and 10.7 EPA including a beautiful deep TD on Chris Slave (5 out of 6 for 102 backyards, 1 TD and 7.7 EPA), in which this Jalen Ramsey left it, were indications of life that the Saints-Orese recently missed out on.
  • Saints Pass Receiver Juan Johnson can still not crack the 50s brand was his 6th game of the season in between 40 and 50 Lawns, but he now has 5 TD’s in the last five video games.

  • The Dallas Cowboys ended the 7 video games that lasted with a canteen triumph. At the same time, they kept action with the Eagles, who had actually won regardless of the weak video game versus Indy.

Result 16:17 (7: 0, 3: 3, 3: 0, 3:14) Box core.

Indianapolis Colts (4-6-1)- Philadelphia Eagles (9-1).

New Orleans Saints (4-7)- Los Angeles Rams (3-7).

Outcome 27:24 (7: 7, 10:10, 7: 0, 3: 7) Box core.

Once again controlled the front of the cowboys, Defensively. Micah Parsons led the team with 2 sacks and 5 QB hits. In total, Dallas had 7 sacks and 13 QBs hits in the game. Meanwhile, Parsons is now in second location for the majority of video games with at least 2 sacks in a game in his first 2 seasons (8). Only Alton Smith had 9.

  • After the defeat versus Washington, the Eagles’ absence of concentration continued well into the fourth quarter against the Colts, where they were still 13: 3 behind. It was just when all the knitting threatened that Galen Injures, who was unable to convince as a Passer (18 out of 25 for 190 lawns, 1 TD and 4.9 EPA), then the game. His hurrying TD shortly before completion, who provided the Eagles the first trip, was on the ground on an excellent day: 16 for 86 yards, 1 TD and 8.3 EPA.
  • The Colts under interim head coach Jeff Saturday were able to surprise again, even if it was not sufficient to win. They tried to hide Matt Ryan with a running strategy for the brief pass game from the Eagles Pass Rush, however eventually such a plan needs the success of lots of little plays. The Eagles were typically able to disrupt enough: four sacks, including among the Tackle duo Lineal Joseph and Ndamukong Such won today, and a Fourth Down Stop on the last drive were too much for the Colts-Offense, which is naturally in a modification Not enabled much time for a strategy B.

Result 31:23 (3: 7, 10: 3, 9: 0, 9:13) Box core.

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Outcome 27:20 (3: 7, 7: 7, 14: 0, 3: 6) Box core.

  • The Vikings, which were entirely overwhelmed, lost in the course of the game to make matters of the game, Left Tackle Christian Arrival with a concussion. He risks of missing out on the game of Thanksgiving against the Patriots next Thursday.

Result: 3:40 (3:10, 0:13, 0:14, 0: 3) Box core.

Minnesota Vikings (8-2)- Dallas Cowboys (7-3).

  • In the battle in between two teams who wish to be run, conceal their QB and frequently produce funny own errors, the Falcons had the ability to better survive their own mistakes (fumbles, bad 3rd down offense).


  • Arthur Smith’s choice to remain with Marcus Mar iota resulted in 13 out of 20 for 131 backyards, 1 TD and 1.2 EPA. With the triumph, the Falcons are still securely in the saddle in the playoff race and Mar iota.

  • Justin Fields is still impressive (18 for 85 lawns, 1 TD and 0.2 EPA), however the death game has actually accomplished stagnancy that the Bears cost the video game this time. With the return of Falcons Cornerback AJ Terrell, there were also a variety of gaps in the Falcons Defense, which Fields missed, and the game choice was an inaccurate pass from him, which resulted in an interception through tip drill.
  • Cordarrelle Patterson broke an NFL record with his 103-yards kick-return TD in the second quarter. With an overall of nine kickoff return TD’s, it leads the everlasting leaderboard of the NFL.
  • Kyle Pitts had to leave the game hurt and might be longer. Justin Fields was treated for a shoulder injury after the game. Due to the fact that they kept running the fields suffering from cramps in the fourth quarter, the Bears inserted criticism.