Although Dragon Ball Super anime came to an end in 2018, the manga of this series has remained active, and in August of this year we saw the conclusion to the arch of Granola. However, the story took an indefinite break after these events. Fortunately, it seems that the wait will finally come to an end shortly.

According to a filtration of Squash V Jump magazine, Chapter 88 of the Dragon Ball Super manga will be available on December 20. Here a new arch will be presented to us. However, instead of continuing the events after the arrival of Black Freezer, the story will be a prequel to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the most recent series of the series.


On this occasion Roku and Veg eta will take a break. Instead, Gotten and Trunks will be the protagonists. Along with this, it is mentioned that Golan and Piccolo will also have a role in this new arch. At the moment it is unknown how the temporary jump will be handled, or if after this small deviation we will see Black Freezer again.

Remember, Chapter 88 of Dragon Ball Super will be available on December 20, 2022. On related issues, Cosplay shows us Video in Action. Similarly, this would see a fight between ultra instinct Roku and Ultra Ego Veg eta.

Editor’s note:

While it is good to see that the story of Dragon Ball Super will finally focus on other characters, this temporal jump is unusual. Chapter 87 gives rise to a new training session between Roku and Veg eta, or a visit to the past that explains how Freezer obtained its new powers. We just have to wait and see what will happen.