With an already proclaimed world champion and the final of the competitive circuit around the corner , Riot Games wants to welcome 2023 in the best way. We all know the attachment that Riot has for increasingly relating the casual game with the competitive game, gradually focusing different ways for the least staunch players to the Mob to feel electronic sports players.

A few days ago, journalist Travis Afford had the pleasure of chatting for more than one with John Needham , current president of Esports by Riot Games, about different aspects related to the competitive circuit of League of Legends, such as the Tan A kind of the bracket and the narratives created by the community itself related to some players. But this time we will move away a little from the competitive as such, since we want to highlight Needham’s statements about the changes intends to prepare Riot for the Clash.

A class much more focused on eSports

For the most lost, the Clash is a mode created by the Riot itself in which any player can form a team with their friends or acquaintances and play a competitive backed against other teams of the same range as us. The rewards that we will obtain will be exclusive and will depend on the position in which we have finished in this tournament.

Explained this, we return to the words that John left on the settings that will arrive at the Clash for the next season: In Valorant we have added as of Alpha Valorant Premier to add a new way of discovering talents in our ecosystem, and we talk about how we could do something similar in the Clash of Lol; The president of Esports de Riot comments.

Obviously, these words do not assume anything, but if the maximum chief releases this in an interview is that they intend to integrate it as soon as possible. And it is that these tournaments could work in the form of tryouts where candidates to sign for a specific team can face each other in a much more effective way. In turn, Promote classifications to small tournaments amateurs with this special class in the purest storm circuit style also helps to appear great jewels wanting to make history in League of Legends.