[ Moon Byung-soo] Bayamon (CEO Kim Jong-un) announced on the 9th that it will start a pre-booking mobile game ‘Haiku: Touch The Dream’.

Haiku: Touch The Dream is a sports game based on the volleyball Japanese sports animation ‘Haiku’ IP. The main characters in the original animation are SD characters, and you can enjoy strategic and thrilling games through skills such as sub, receiving, toss, spikes, and blocking, which are the core of volleyball games.

The game is scheduled to start a formal service in Korea this year, and Hi Holdings (CEO Lee Jung) will take charge of copyright management and Japanese services, and Bayamon will be in charge of game development and publishing in Korea and Asia.

The original work, Haiku, was published in the Japanese comic magazine ‘Boy Jump’ since 2012, and was animated in 2014. The protagonist Pinata Shoo portrays the story of a youth volleyball that aims to win the national tournament with the team members.

Kim Jong-un, CEO of Bayamon, said, Haiku, which caused the syndrome of sports animation, is attractive enough to have a strong fan base not only in Japan but also in Korea.