Towards the end of the third area of Sonic Frontiers, Chaos Island, players will have the task of completing a pinball game to advance the main story. Although this mini-game has seen innumerable recreations in previous Sonic games, this particular iteration can represent a small challenge. If you have problems, here are some tips to help you clear the pinball mini-game in Sonic Frontiers .

Sonic Frontiers Pinball Minijuegos Guide

In a nutshell, the objective of this mini-game is to write down the whopping 5,000,000 points in a pinball game. It seems a discouraging task to win so many points when the mini-game begins, and you are winning them in increases of hundreds, but it will not remain for a long time.

From the moment the first ball is thrown to the playing field, its number one priority must hit the ball in such a way that it hits the red stars rings that appear sporadically in random locations on the board.

Every time you reach the brand, your current score multiplier will double. It begins in 1x and eventually reaches a maximum of 256x, which means that it must hit the rings of red stars several times to reach the requirement of 5,000,000 in a reasonable time.

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Regular rings increase a progress bar to the next multiplier level, but their effectiveness is significantly reduced once you reach 16x, which means that red rings will be the best you can to achieve maximum. Once you have reached the maximum of your points’ multiplier, the best way to accumulate points will be to point to the upper left and upper right corners of the map to maximize the score gains of the regular rings that border the upper part.

Of course, the above is easier to say it than to do it. The mini-game not only forces you to reach the score threshold with only two additional balls, but also losing a ball also reduces your score multiplier to 1x.

To compensate for this, it is important to avoid performing the riskiest and most rewarding shots until you are sure you can do it without accidentally removing the ball from the game. Apart from that, it is a simple matter of maintaining its maximum points multiplier at all costs and trying to achieve as many objectives as possible.


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However, his work does not end after reaching the coveted 5,000,000 score. You must also guide the ball through the newly open door to the north, which will shine in bright blue. It can be stressful, but as long as you keep your head cold and continue drinking safe shots, you should be fine.

Since we are talking here about Pinball, being successful in this mini-game is still partly a matter of luck, even with a perfect game. However, as long as you continue to do it while prioritizing hitting the rings of red stars and avoid making dangerous shots, you will eventually achieve victory in those Pinball machines.

This manual should have given you everything you need to learn about how exceeds Pinball Minijuego in Sonic Frontiers . If you are curious about how long you have left in the game after spending the mini-game, you may want to know how many areas and levels of cyberspace there are in the game. You may also want to see our classification of the five best skills in Sonic Frontiers.

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