The skins have become one of the usual causes of controversy in the community of League of Legends . On many occasions throughout season 12, the community has accused Riot Games of being not creative or reducing the quality of the aspects. They are subjective appreciations that, although sometimes according to a very large group of players, they rarely represent a large majority. However, the company’s decision regarding the next cosmetics of the spatial wave promises to bring much more queue since it is not just an opinion.


The problem of the new skins that will arrive in League of Legends

Some new aspects announced by Riot Games can generate very serious problems when recognized. An example is that of Cassandra, who loses some of her hallmarks. The most obvious is the stony aspect in her dress, which becomes a kind of circle with rhythmic movements that almost remembers Strafing more than the champion in question . Additionally, the champion loses the characteristic pointed shape in her head, replacing it with a fairly striking but not very identifiable hoop. Similar problems have affected Teems , which is not easy to distinguish in the new aspects.

The silhouette is one of the main elements to differentiate the champions and Riot Games herself has determined that it is essential to maintain the clarity of the game. The norm is as follows: even if the character’s appearance was painted completely black, it must be recognizable by the large majority of the League of Legends community. Additionally, in its compilation good practices for the creation of Skins, the company said that in no case the main features in the silhouette of a character should be eliminated or altered.

Despite its insistence on clarity, it seems that Riot Games has not taken it into account with the design of the skins that will reach the game in the next 12.22 patch. If we enter a game clueless, and we find this Cassandra Space Wave in front, we may doubt and the same will happen if we want to enjoy a confrontation as spectators and lose us the champion selection phase. The developer would still be time to make changes, because the aspects just landed in the BE. However, it seems that the adjustments would be quite ambitious, and it is very unlikely that none of the new aspects delay their arrival in the League of Legends live server.