Just before the merger between KOI and Rogue becomes effective, the team led by IAI Llanos could be about to lose the one who has been one of its great headlights in the Legends competitive legends. Andre Easter, better known as Done , will leave the organization after ending contract on November 21. An exit with which the new era of the club would be lost after being one of the protagonists in the greatest success in the history of the organization: its first European title after defeating G2 eSports in the final of LEC.

A legend says goodbye to KOI, but in exchange for a great signing

Given the imminent departure of Done, the club’s sports direction would have already found a substitute. This is Mathias Jensen, Sezygenda . The player has experience in the maximum European competition, having been part of the main workforce of Team Vitality and later returning to his academy. He did not have a great role in his debut in LEC the Danish player, who did not find the best of the contexts to shine with his team. On his return to the ERA he did great results, ending in good position both in the LFL and the European Masters.

It should be noted that, although the merger between KOI and Rogue is imminent and the organization will be working together with the 2023 season, the team’s sports structure will be exactly the same as the rogues. In this sense, fans of the team founded by IAI Llanos can be calm. As explained by the content creator, if something has always highlighted the club with which they now join is in to make good decisions to form the best templates that are within their reach. Not surprisingly, three years in a row playing the Worlds of League of Legends.

As for other club movements or in the signing market, so far no more details have been revealed. It should be noted that this same information is only a filtration and, although the journalist Alejandro Gomes is a guarantee in terms of successes, nothing is official until officially confirmed. In any case, it is expected that we barely have to wait until the middle of next November so that the League of Legends transfer market begins to move.