Without a doubt Pokémon’s Twitch 2 is one of the most spectacular events in the history of content creators. The work of the development team has lit a series of ROMs created conscientiously for each of the participants, filling the game with all kinds of winks recognizable by the spectators.

If we add this spectacular culture broth with some of the best Hispanic streamers, we come to see some stories of the year on the platform. This is the case of revenge of shit , the Electric of Cause Montero , perpetrated based on explosions.

Fuck the dog with leishmaniosis

It was expected that the good of Cause, one of the most peculiar content creators of Twitch, would use his Pokémon Nicks to give a layer of Lore to the event. A long time ago it was said that the memes were born on Twitter, lived on Facebook and died in family WhatsApp groups in which your uncles are. Well, I am from the opinion that now the memes live in the streaming of Cause good.

I say this because it takes advantage of the latest trends of the Semitic plane to create stories, characters and dynamics with the spectators. This goes beyond making the elementary joke to talk about semen (for something is called Team Cum), if not subvert reality and use concrete issues such as strangeness, discomfort, surprise and repetition to generate humor. In fact, on that subject (and relating it to Jagger) my partner Ivan spoke a few days ago.

On this occasion, the meme we see in streaming is quite basic: Cause captured an electric and named him shit . The superficial layer is to put a humiliating name to a dog Pokemon, but the reality is that there is much more behind that. Because the electric called shit is an evolution of what we have been able to see in networks in recent days.

We are talking about a photo of a dog created for the occasion, and that presents it as a clearly suffering from various diseases and problems. In fact, his first appearance on networks, or at least the first ones that have had an impact, present him as shit, a pet with immunodeficiency and Tasmania .

During these days, we have seen how they have presented a canine beauty contest to shit, or have searched for universities such as Malaga. Cause has finally been the one who has adopted shit, even if it was Pokémon’s form.

The death by Jessie and James (Juan and Nero)

For not a few hours, Cause has been going up to the good shit, to the point of evolving him to a electric. Of course, it barely lasted half a direct… what took to face the everlasting members of Team Rocket, Jesse and James. Or rather we could say that it is Dally Juan and Nero , because the sprites make it clear that these well-known streamers disguised.

During the duel, which is played in version 2Vs2, shit bit the dust because of a treacherous poison by the weeping of Nero . Cause could not do anything to avoid it and, being an event played with the Randomlocke format, every weakened Pokémon, is a Pokémon that ceases to be available in the game.


Hence, the drama caused to be one of the headlines of the history developed in this Twitch channel. One of the most charismatic and dearly Pokemon by the chat, ended up lying on the canvas.

The explosive revenge

The blow was hard, but it was also an opportunity to continue with the narrative. It took so much to show respect to shit, and avenge his death. Luckily for Cause, the Rom developers followed Nero’s story in the game, since he is also the leader of the Take Gymnasium.

Cause then planned revenge: That five Pokémon of his team learn explosion and a Sarawak carrying the shit skull as a tribute . The strategy was none other than exploiting the team of the Nero leader, achieving a humiliating and most harmful victory as possible (in our heads, because they are still 2D sprites).

In this way, Cause Montero’s victory against Nero, the head of the goodbye of Reardon, was created and achieved. As with Pipe, we will all remind you, digital dog.