Kolyma Production has released a new teaser image at Pax Australia 2022 in Australia. Images are posted on the official Twitter of Video Kolyma.

The image is written in the silhouette of the person as Where am I? . At the time of writing the article, there is no follow-up report on this image, but in the Tokyo Game Show 2022 held in September, it seems that the background light is the same as the image WHO AM I? 。

In addition, it has been found that the silhouette of the image with WHO AM I? Was an American actress El Fanning. For this reason, this WHERE AM I? Will eventually be revealed.


Director Kolyma has posted on the official Twitter that suggests the third word following the third WHO and WHERE. In the three sentences alongside Event name → word → person name, the third is all hidden as ???.

It was revealed in the post on October 5 that the next word WHO was WHERE, so I look forward to the future update.