SakeBottlers has launched a general sale of gaming sake, Gaming Rainbow .


GAMING RAINBOW is a sake bottle can for drinking’s sake while playing games. In addition to enjoying the taste described as crouching large punch by brewing by Touched Sake Brewery, two types of label illustrations featuring King Nishimura and Mikey Piano are also characteristic.

With a crowdfunding pre-sale, the topic GAMING RAINBOW, which has been supported by 4.27 million yen with the support of game fans, is finally available for the public. In addition, a gift campaign on Twitter is underway to commemorate the start of sales.

GAMING RAINBOW general sale starts!

On the official website, the general sale of GAMING RAINBOW has started. Limited original goods are also sold, including 4 can set of 3,080 yen (tax included), acrylic who and duplicate original paintings that have been well received by crowdfunding. We are also distributing 10%off coupons that can be used for the first time.

◆ GAMING RAINBOW present campaign!

A campaign was held to present GAMING RAINBOW (4 can set) to three people by lottery. The only way to apply is to follow the Hitmaker official Twitter (@Hitomaku_sake) and RT the target tweet. The application period is until 23:59 on October 15.

General sales of GAMING RAINBOW are carried out on the official website. Please check the site for each product lineup including goods.