The curse of the Werewolf or Werewolf by Night (original English title), the new Halloween special of Marvel Studios that will be broadct exclusively in Disney+ the next October 7 of 2022 , it is seen in a new Making Style trailer that you can see about these lines and that offers us more information about the tone and its characters in the words of those responsible, from its director Michael Bianchini to its protagonists Gabriel García Vernal and Laura Donnelly . In addition, we already know the total duration of this special episode that will introduce us to the Wolf Man of the UCM.

A tribute to the horror cinema of the 30s

And it is that Disney+ not only opens Marvel Studios-Address series of the different films after psing through cinema-, but also bets on the format of long-lting special episodes on dates indicated. This is the ce of the special The curse of the Wolf Man that occupies us-that comes just in time for Halloween-or the next Christm episode of The Guardians of the Galaxy , scheduled for next Christm.

But returning to this new trailer of the curse of the Wolf Man by Marvel Studios, its creators have wanted to deepen the tone of the episode and the motivations of his characters. So much so, that the Mexican actor Gabriel García Vernal will play Jack Russell , a character that will thus join the rest of the heroes, antiheroes and villains of the UCM and that, most likely, will cross in the future with other dark tone characters such Moon Knight or the next Blade .

We wanted to explore totally new characters and totally new facets of the UCM with this unusual, fun and scary turn of the supernatural. We are introducing a world that, ultimately, will be very important for the future of the UCM , says Kevin Face . In addition, the actress Laura Donnelly , in the role of Elsa Blood stone in fiction, says that this special is something totally new that we had never seen in this universe.

Finally, the total duration of this special is confirmed the curse of the wolf man of Marvel Studios, with a footage of 53 minutes .