The Disney Dream light Valley kitchen game allows players to experiment with different ingredients to create delicious dishes for them and other characters. With this guide, we will show all varied recipes can do and what articles you need to complete the food.

Disney Dream light Valley recipes

In total, there are 164 recipes that you can do at Disney Dream light Valley that you can use for several missions and give to many characters. So, if you are looking for a particular meal, we have divided each meal into three categories: snack, main dish and dessert.

Percent recipes at Disney Dream light Valley

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Recipes Ingredients
Mendelian sandwich in pickle Avenue, lemon, onion, garlic and basil/oregano
Brown pepper puff pastry Broaching pepper, eggs and cheese dish
Chile’s puff pastry Chile’s, Eggs and Cheese
salty cookies Grain (rice or wheat)
creamy soup Milk, any vegetables (carrots and mushrooms), potato and any grass or spice (oregano or basil)
Raw vegetables Any vegetable (carrots or mushrooms)
Barnes puff pastry Eggplants, eggs and cheese
French fries canola and potato
Gazpacho Cucumber, tomato, onion and any grass or spice
Green salad Any vegetable and lettuce.
Grilled vegetables Any vegetable (asparagus or corn)
Grilled vegetable dish Any vegetable (x3)
Cooked egg eggs
Large Seafood Plate Lemon and any seafood (x4)
Marinated herring Avenue and onion
Okra soup Okra
Onion puff pastry Onion, eggs and cheese
Oyster dish Oyster and lemon
Skipping sand Avenue, lemon, onion and any grass/spice
Potato soup with leeks Leek, potato, milk, onion and garlic
potato puff pastry Potato, eggs and cheese
Soup Potato, any vegetables and any grass/spice
Pumpkin puff pastry Pumpkin, eggs and cheese
Pumpkin soup Pumpkin, ginger, milk and any vegetable
Pope mashed dad
Roasted asparagus Asparagus and canola
salad Lettuce
The sautéed mushrooms Mushrooms and butter
Seafood snack Any seafood plate
Encouragement Cheese, milk, eggs and butter
Tomato soup Tomatoes
Vegetable soup Any vegetable (x2)
Callback puff pastry Zucchini, eggs and cheese

Input recipes at Disney Dream light Valley

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Recipes | Ingredients
—|—G lash salmon with apple cider | Salmon, apple and sugar cane
Baked tent | tent and butter
ALABAMA omelet | Basil, egg, cheese and milk
Bulbs | Any seafood (x2), shrimp, tomato and any vegetable
Tent salad | Tent, lettuce and lemon
Crispy baked cod with cheese | Bacall, cheese and wheat
Fish soup | Seafood, any vegetable, milk and potatoes
Creamy garlic scores | Vieira, garlic, lemon and butter
Crispy baked cod | Cod and wheat
Creole fish | Fish, any vegetable, garlic, rice and tomato
French fish and potatoes | Fish, wheat, canola and potato
Fish pasta | Fish, garlic, wheat and milk
Fish cake | Fish, wheat and butter
Fish risotto | Fish, rice and butter
Fish salad | Fish, lemon and lettuce
Fish sandwiches | Fish and wheat
Fish soup | Fish, any vegetable, and milk
Fish fillet | Fish, tomato and basil
Fish tacos | Fish, corn, Chile and cheese
sushi fugue | Fugue, rice and algae
Greek pizza | Any grass/spice, wheat, cheese, tomato and onion
Roasted fish | Fish
Grilled fish incoming | Fish and any vegetable
Gumbo | Okra, shrimp, Chile, tomato and onion
Abundant salad | Any vegetable (x2) and lettuce
Hors d’oeuvres | Any grass/spice
Kappa Make | Algae, cucumber and rice
Krone spinach puff pastry | Spinach, cheese and canola
Lancets Paella | Lancet, shrimp, seafood, tomato and rice
Leek soup | Leek
Lemon and garlic sword | Sword, lemon and garlic fish
Lobster roll | Lobster, wheat, lemon, butter and garlic
Mauro Sushi | Tuna, rice, algae and ginger
Make | Fish, algae and rice
Margarita Pizza | Any grass/spice, tomato, cheese and wheat
Mediterranean salad | Cucumber, tomato, onion, any grass or spice and lettuce
Mushroom pizza | Mushroom, wheat, tomato and cheese
Mush Congee | Rice, egg, ginger, garlic and mushrooms
Tortilla | Egg, cheese and milk
Fried monkish | Rape, tomato, zucchini and potato
Lubing and vegetables to the pan | Any vegetable (x2) and bass
Tilapia and grilled vegetables | Any vegetable (x2) and tilapia
Pasta | Wheat and tomato
Peanut butter sandwich | peanut and wheat
Pizza | tomato, cheese and wheat
Centurion Sound with basil of basil | White sturgeon, basil, lemon and butter
Oatmeal | milk and wheat
Oatmeal with fruits | Milk, wheat and any fruit
Ranchers salad | Lettuce, pepper, corn, tomato and onion
Ratatouille | Tomato, eggplant, zucchini, onion and any grass or spice
Sake Make | salmon, rice and algae
Sake-sushi | salmon and rice
Salty fish | fish and lemon
Scrambled eggs | Egg and cheese
Pasta with seafood | Any seafood, wheat and milk
Seafood cake | Any seafood, wheat and butter
Seafood salad | Any seafood and lettuce
Seafood soup | Any seafood and any vegetable (x2)
TOUCH ARMORIES CHAMUSCADA | Rainbow trout, onion and tomato
Individual fried Percy | Perch, butter and wheat
Smoked peanuts and rapper | Peanut and Rape
Sole Meunière | Sole, wheat, butter and lemon
Substrata spaghetti | Chile’s, tomato and wheat
Spicy oven kiss | Beef, Chile and butter
Steamed | Fugue, ginger and garlic
Sushi | Rice and any fish
King fish Griddle | King fish, Lemon and Sugar Can
Tamagoyaki | Egg and sugarcane
Tasty salad | Lettuce, zucchini, any vegetables and any grass or spice
Tasty vegetables | Any vegetables and any grass/spice
Make Tea | Tuna, soy, rice, algae and rice
Salmon teriyaki | salmon, soy, rice, ginger, sugar cane
Tuna burgers | Tuna, lemon, onion, wheat, any vegetable
Vegetarian pizza | Tomato, cheese, wheat and any vegetable (x2)
Vegetarian stew | Onion, carrot and tomato
Vegetarian taco | Any vegetables, corn, Chile and cheese
Vegetable casserole | Cheese, any grass/spice and any vegetable (x2)
Vegetarian paste | Tomato, wheat and any vegetable cake | Any vegetable, butter and wheat
Vegetable skewers | Mushroom, zucchini, onion and bell pepper
Lucioperca in butterflies | Lucioperca, basil, oregano and any vegetables

Dessert recipes at Disney Dream light Valley

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Recipes Ingredients
The cookie of my hero Wheat, any sweet (vanilla or cocoa) and butter
Apple foot Apple, wheat and butter
Aurora cake Raspberry, wheat, sugar cane, egg and milk
Banana ice cream Granted ice, banana, milk and sugar cane
Banana cake Banana, wheat and butter
Banana Split Granite, banana, milk, sugar cane and any sweet
donuts Canola, wheat, egg and sugar cane
Berry salad Raspberry, cranberry and curling
Birthday cake Trio sugar cane, egg, butter and cocoa grain
Cookies Wheat, sugar cane and butter
Abandons cake Blueberry, wheat and butter
sweet Any sweet
caramel apples Sugar and apple cane
Carrot cake Carrot, wheat, egg and sugar cane
Cheese cake Cheese, wheat, sugar cane and any fruit
Cherry cake Cherry, wheat and butter
Cookies with chocolate sparks Cocoa grain, wheat, sugar cane and butter
Chocolate ice cream Cocoa grain, sugar cane, granted ice and milk
Chocolate waffles Cocoa grain, wheat, egg and milk
Coconut cake Coconut, sugar cane, wheat and egg
Coconut ice cream Coconut, sugar cane, granite and milk
Crêpe Wheat, milk, egg and sugar cane
Fruit salad any fruit sorbet

Gray things | Any dairy (milk or cheese), sugar cane and cocoa grain
ice cream | Growing ice, milk and sugar cane
jam gophers | Any fruit, wheat, egg and milk
Lemon Sorbet | Growing and lemon ice
Merengue cake | Lemon, butter, wheat and egg
Mint candy | mint and sugar cane
chocolate with mint | Mint, cocoa grain, sugar cane and butter
Mint sorbet | Mint and Guanine
Pastry cream and fruits | Any fruit (x3), sugar cane and milk
papaya | Growing ice, sugar cane and any fruit
Waffles of peanut butter | Peanut, wheat, egg and milk
Simple snow cones | Ice
Red Fruit Cake | Any fruit, wheat and egg

Red fruits sorbet | Raspberry, currency, sugar cane and hailstorm
shake | Any dairy
Blancanieves spiny creeping cake | Cattle, wheat and butter
Sour snow cones | Growing ice, lemon and sugar cane
Sweet won | Growing and any sweet
tropical pop | Granted ice, coconut, sugar cane and any fruit
Vanilla ice cream | Granted, milk, sugar cane and vanilla
gophers | Wheat, milk, egg and any sweet
Wedding cake | Wheat, butter, egg, sugar cane and vanilla
Wonderland cookies | Butter, vanilla, sugar cane and wheat

That is all you need to know about all recipes in Disney Dream light Valley . If you want to get more content about the game, you can explore the relevant links below and see our guides on how to get Remy’s recipe books, how to feed animals with their favorite food and where Clay find.

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