JUPITER has decided to distribute joy by announcing that Pi cross S8 will be available at Nintendo Switch from October 29. As every delivery, it will be able to buy only in digital format through the shop for the usual 10 Euros.

We can play 300 monograms between the Pi cross mode and the mega pi cross, in addition to having 150 of Pi cross Clip, 30 Pi cross Color and another 2 of them of those of 30 × 30. As they usually do with the series, the game will reward us if it detects that we also have Pi cross S4, Pi cross S5, or Pi cross S6, and each of them will give us a big puzzle more as a prize for our faithfulness.

While it is not so novelty that of being able to use the touch screen to play, something that took to be implemented and did not reach the Pi cross S7 of the beginning of the year, it does surprise the new multiplayer mode. In it, they can play up to four users at the same time to refresh the usual formula and be able to solve the puzzles in company.


Above all, in any case, you can see the trailer with all the news.

The last one that we analyzed here was the Pi cross S Mega Drive & Master System Edition released on August 5 of last year that, as indicated by its name, the prize images when completing each puzzle were of large SEGA franchises as Sonic, Alex Kidd or Golden Ax, among many others. At that time, my partner Víctor Martínez commented on how in this Pi cross Nostalgia gives luster renewed one of the most brilliant (and constant) digital hobbies of today:

The nature of Pi cross S Mega Drive & Master System Edition remains that of a hobby in the strictest sense of the word, digital, yes, and distributed through a video game store (Switch’s shop, in this case), but hobby after all; If I say that it is not a video game, it is not because it is lacking, but for separating such a pure thing as pi cross from the dynamic depressing that sometimes make it more common to establish toxic relationships with the games that otherwise. This one makes me (he is doing to me: I have not finished it yet, and I am not sure that he does it) special grace for what he has of a nostalgic merchandising, but it is really like everyone else: so pure and so pleasant, so grateful; A hobby, not a commitment. Long live Pi cross!

Here you can take a look at the complete analysis.

Pi cross S8 will be published on September 29 at Nintendo Switch .