NBA2K23 is a competitive sports game that puts the entire basketball world in your hands. Many friends don’t know how to operate Passing, Dribble, and backhand layups in the game. Take your chances in NBA 2K23. Unlock your full potential. Show off your talent in a brilliant career—pair All-Stars with Eternal Legends in MyTEAM NBA 2K23. Let’s take a look at the introduction below.

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Passing Guide

There are three pass buttons: [A] normal pass, [B] ground pass, and [Y] lob pass.

Ground Pass Information: The ground pass is useful for smaller players. It’s much simpler to pass the ball from below against a big defender.

When to use the touchdown pass: You can use the touchdown pass to feed the ball into the box, pass to the flank, or cut the pass.

Cross Pass Icon: The icon will appear below the receiver when making a cross pass.

When to use the lob pass: You can use the lob pass to feed the ball inside or as a long pass to start a fast break.

Control the server: When serving, press [RB] and then press the server’s action key to control the server.

Positioning pass guidance: Use positioning pass to guide teammates to the desired position by pushing the [left stick] and passing the ball.

Positioning the pass to the teammate closest to the basket: By pressing [LB], you can position the pass to the teammate closest to the basket.

Cancel positioning pass: After calling out the passing icon, you can press [RB] again to make it disappear.

Alley pass without a cutter: The ball will pass at will if no teammates are cutting in or near the rim.

Alley passes while serving: You can try an alley pass while serving. Look for players cutting towards the rim.

Pass through the basket receiver: To select a teammate who cuts to the basket, long press [Y] and push and hold the [Left Joystick] towards the player.

Player control when passing and cutting: If you do not release [A] to allow the ball to pass back, you will gain control of the ball bearer.

Ground Pass at the End of the Game: The ball does not start timing when it rolls on the ground, so the ground pass is very useful at the end of the game.

Full receiver control: After changing the “Place pass” setting to “Full receiver control” in the Controller Settings, long-press the player icon and use the left stick to control the receiver.

Pass type control settings: After changing the “Positioning Pass” setting to “Pass Type Control” in “Controller Settings,” double-click the player icon to hit the ground to pass and long press to lob a pass.

Pass Target Settings: Adjust the “Pass Target Settings” in the “Controller Settings” to adjust the importance of direction, distance, and openness when selecting a receiver.

Passing the ball: Press and hold [B] to make the selected receiver cut to the ball holder and release [B] to pass the ball.

Dribble operation skills sharing

Dribbling introduction: Quickly push and release the [Right Stick] to make a dribbling action.

Adrenaline Enhancement: In this game, you can freely deploy three enhancements when dribbling and attacking and press [RT] to activate. After all three enhancements are exhausted, your player’s explosiveness will be reduced for the remainder of the possession.

Player Style: Each player has a unique dribbling rhythm and style.

Use the dribble: Using the signature dribble to dribble in place or slowly forward is a great way to paralyze a defender, allowing for a sudden force cut to the basket.

Fallback Fancy Dribble: You can perform a fancy dribble while backing up and take a sudden step after the “dance” to catch the defender off guard.

Attacking from an angle: Choose a good angle when dribbling the ball. If you drive straight at the defender, there is a high chance of an offensive foul or a loss.

Dribbling fatigue: When the player’s physical strength is too low, he dribbles too much and may drop the ball.

Freestyle dribble rhythm: The slow-paced freestyle dribbling and fast combo move leave defenders scratching their heads.

Elite Ball Handler Fancy Dribble: High-rated ball handlers are quicker and quicker in their dribble moves.

Elite Ball Handler Combo Moves: The higher the ball handler’s rating, the more combo dribble moves are available.

Fancy dribble escape: Use the fancy dribble escape action to eliminate the defense and create space for shots.

Dribbling to attack the opponent’s defense: dribbling directly to the defender, often resulting in dropped balls or offensive fouls.

Physical effect: With the loss of physical strength, the continuous movement of fancy dribbling will become slow and may drop the ball.

Dribbling styles: Different dribbling styles have different strengths and weaknesses.

Dribbling (Low Stamina): When the Stamina bar starts to flash, the player will lose the ability to sprint, cut, and initiate bursts.

Dribble (Cold or Fatigue): Players who are cold or overtired will be unable to perform certain movements and have difficulty controlling the ball.

Dribbling (Hot Touch): Once a player’s touch becomes hot, their ball control will improve, and sometimes new moves will be unlocked.

Ball-handling vulnerability: The ball-handling player is more alert to stealing behavior when dribbling.

Keep the defender from guessing: To keep the defender from guessing your intentions, you must make your fancy dribble rhythm unpredictable.

Triple Threat: When a player has the ball, if he can choose to pass, dribble or shoot, this is the so-called “Triple Threat” stance.

Three-threat continuous action: When making a tentative step or stride, you can use the [Right Stick] to do more actions at will, such as turning, breaking through, half-turning, etc.

Three-threat pose: Different players have a variety of three-threat follow-up moves.

Consecutive Actions: “Three-threat” moves that can be efficiently connected, allowing defenders to guess your intentions.

Backhand layup skills sharing

Keyboard and mouse: run to the bottom line on the right and rush to the basket to press the keyboard 6, don’t press the keyboard 5. It will make a bottom-line pull-up layup, which is a backhand layup. If you still can’t, go
to the settings to see. There are tutorials. Go to your stadium and try it out.

Handle: Protrude from the bottom line on the right to the basket, do not press to accelerate. Turn the left
joystick to the left, and then turn the joystick to the right. Push and hold


The guide on Passing, Dribble operation, and backhand layup in the game NBA2K23 has been shared with everyone. In addition to being familiar with the keys for passing, various dribbling movements can be learned and mastered. I hope it will be helpful to everyone in the game.