The week has started quite moved in the world of video games, since many images of GTA VI have just been filtered and also the release of game plays of the expected devil IV. But it seems that the whole matter of leaks does not end here, because Insiders comment that there are already two games of Crash Bandicoot currently under development.


The first of these is one that was already known and that until today it has not been officially announced by Activision , this is Jump League , which would arrive exclusively for cell phones. Although this time it will be different from the Runner that is already available, it could be a puzzles game, although there is nothing confirmed.

The second game is one that has not been heard previously, in the case of a conventional delivery of the franchise and of course, following the steps of the fourth canonical installment of the saga we saw a couple of years ago. Of course, the leaks of the latter as the title and changes in the gameplay are still quite unknown to all.

It is worth mentioning that developers would also be an enigma to discover, since the creators of the quarter part, toys for bob , were transferred to other areas of Activision . And for now, they are busy supporting other studies with the Call of Duty , because let’s not forget that he will soon arrive WWII and War zone in mobile version.

For now, the entire franchise can be enjoyed in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.