After a fateful Sunday for the company, Rock star wanted to give the face after having received one of the leaks and the greatest and most important leaks in the history of the industry. Yesterday they began to circulate up to 90 different clips on the next delivery Grand Theft Auto, the most profitable entertainment franchise in history and one of the games (if not the first) that causes more expectation among the public.

To all this and with a persecution to countertenor of all the leaked contents and a search for the hacker, Rock star has launched a statement apologizing for everything that happened and seen over the last days.


A jug of cold water for Rockstar Games

We have recently suffered an unauthorized intrusion by third-party programs that have accessed and downloaded confidential information of our systems, including part of the development of the next Grand Theft Auto, says Rockstar Games account through Twitter. This confirms 100% that everything seen for several hours is completely real and they are clips taken from the 2019 version of the next GTA, so it is likely that its current development is much more advanced and ready of being Gold.

We are extremely disappointed because you have seen new details of our next game in this way. Our work in the next Grand Theft Auto will continue as planned, and we hope to offer you, players, an experience that exceeds your expectations. This also confirms that The project continues in front of if none of this had happened , which is a more than logic and above all good decision for all of us who look forward to the new delivery of this franchise.

The statement ends with a clear message: ** They will teach the game when they believe it is ready. This game is seen and the graphic and mechanical problems that it has despite the fact that the videos come from an extremely early phase of the video game. We will have to see what Rock star offers in the future, but of course any update of this game will be news that stands out above the others.