Looking for a complete list of free games that you can get this month ? Do not look for anymore, since we will take a look at all the free games that will be launched on the main platforms such as Game Pass and PS Plus, along with some of the next free games for PC and mobile devices.

All free games you can get in September 2022

As indicated above, we will analyze the following platforms and services for all free games that will be available this month:

  • Xbox game pass
  • Xbox games with gold
  • Ps plus
  • first game
  • Epic game store
  • Free games on Steam and mobile devices

In addition to free releases for PC and mobile devices, the rest of these titles will have a time limit, which means that you can only claim them this month before the agreement expires. So, if you are signed to Game Pass, PS Plus or Prime, be sure to claim them quickly before losing this opportunity.

Xbox games with gold

The gods will fall *
Double kick heroes
* Portal 2

There are not many attractive offers here if we are honest, but if you are a Gold subscriber and, for some reason, you have not yet played portal 2, play portal 2. With iconic characters such as Glados and the Cube, and a lot of funny and unique puzzles To solve, there is much to wait here.

Gods Will Fall is also at stake, which is a quite decent Roguelike Hack-Y-Sash that will help you spend time.

Xbox games pass

Grid Legends *
Valley of Light of Disney Dreams
Sim World Train 3

You stink in parking *
Exterior Commodines
Ranchero Limo 2 *
Earth connected
Lunar cars

On the other hand, the other great Microsoft subscription service continues to offer some of the best values you can get in the games at this time.

This month will be added a pair of anticipated access successes such as Disney Dreamlight Valley and Slime Rancher 2, and Grouted will finally obtain its 1.0 version. Outer Wilds and Grid Legends will also be added to the catalog, so it is Game Pass subscriber, it is practically ready for the month.

PS Plus

Heat speed need *
GranBlue Fantasy: versus
Death loop *
Assassin’s Creed Origins
Guardians 2
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 *
Spiritfarer: farewell edition
Achicoria: a colorful story
Monster Energy Supercross-The official video game *
Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX
Rabbids Invasion: The interactive television program
Rayman Legends *
Siphon filter 2
The Astuta Collection *
SLY Cooper: Thieves in time
Bentley Hackpack
* Toy Story 3
* Kingdom of paradise

July 2022 also seems a fairly decent month for PS Plus subscribers, but with a great warning: regular level members will only get Need for Speed, GranBlue Fantasy and Toem. The rest of the games are for extra and premium members.

That said, those extra and premium offers are extremely attractive. We have Deathloop, Watch Dogs 2 and even Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition. Those are all very solid games that are worth playing if you haven’t done it yet.

first game

Assassin’s Creed Origins *
Football Manager 2022
Middle Earth: Shades of Mordor
* The excavation
defend the tower *
We, the revolution
Word of the law: Mortuoria mask

Prime Gaming has some interesting selections here for all kinds of players. Fishing: If you are not a member of PS Plus Extra, but you have a prime subscription, you can get hooked to AC: Origins here.

There are a couple of other high-profile games such as Shadow of Mordor, as well as some prominent independent such as Defend The Rook.

Epic game store

Shadow of Tomb Raider *
Submerged: hidden depths
One hundred days-Wine Preparation Simulator

Epic Games Store has also been improving its game in terms of monthly free offers. By September 2022, some notable releases include Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Hundred Days.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, in particular, will not remain free for a long time. You will have until September 8 to exchange it, so make sure you get it while you can.

Free games on Steam

As always, there are a lot of free games that are constantly thrown in Steam, but we have selected some of the most prominent here:

Instant war (July 8) *
Duck paradox (July 8)
Burning Requiem: Destinations (July 2022)
* Barista: To carry (July 2022)

Despite its extremely bland title, Instant War seems to be a great very decent 4x strategy game that will definitely attract civilization fans, Humankind and early access Dune: Spice Wars. Duck Paradox is another that caught our attention, since players have the task of protecting their pet duck while they make their way through a 2D lateral displacement universe adorned with striking black lights and neon.

And well, more games with ducks and geese are always welcome.

That is done by all the free games that you can get this month . Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more coverage and news related to the games.

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