In our Trophy guidelines for The Last of Us Part 1 , you can find out:

  • How many trophies are in the Last of Us Part 1
  • What you have to do to get all trophies
  • How to get the platinum trophy on the PS5

How many trophies are there in the Last of Us Part 1?

On the PS5 you can unlock a total of 29 trophies in the Last of Us Part 1 :

14x bronze *
7x silver
7x gold
* 1x platinum

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The Last of Us Part 1: All bronze trophies

For the bronze trophies in the Last of Us, you have to win some mini-games , including the water pistol steam and the stone throwing competition.

Name Description Trophy
Fallen Firefly Find a Firefly supporter. bronze
Self-help Find a training book. bronze
Savage Starlight fan Find a comic. bronze
Fully equipped Make every object. bronze
In memory Take Frank’s note after being thrown away. bronze
Light from Switch off the headlight generator in Pittsburgh. bronze
Full of water Copy the sewer apparatus with Henry and Sam. bronze
Leave hanging Let Ellie hang after good work. bronze
Who is a good boy? Stroking dog Buckley. bronze
Nobody is perfect Jak X played in Left Behind. bronze
Stone throwing champion Win the stone throwing competition. bronze
Angel Knives Defeat Blackfang without being hit. bronze
Talent Win the water pistol steam. bronze
Lively bait Locke an infected with stones and bottles so that he attacks a person. bronze

The Last of Us Part 1: All silver trophies

Only those who search the levels exactly find all training books, safe and workbenches and thus unlocks the corresponding silver trophies.

Name Description Trophy
Something that is worth fighting for Find all training books. Silver
Ready to fight Improve a weapon completely. Silver
Super door opener Break all closed doors with knives. Silver
Prepared in the worst Find all workbenches. Silver
Sticky fingers Open all safe. Silver
Tool is everything Find all workbench tools. Silver
Build and then destroy Improve every melee weapon and then break it. Silver

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The Last of Us Part 1: Gold and Platin-Trophies

If you have received all the trophies of the emotional adventure, you get the PS5 Platinian trophy It shouldn’t be for nothing .

Name Description Trophy

At all price | Complete Part 1. | gold
Don’t go | Complete Left Behind. | gold
Search for the light | Find all Firefly supporters. | gold
Endure and survival | Collect all comics. | gold
Chronicles | Find all notes and artifacts. | gold
Get to know | Take part in all voluntary talks. | gold
I have no more | Survive all jokes from Ellie. | gold
It must not be for nothing | Collect all trophies. | platinum

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