We have already told you that EA Sports has made a fairly large mistake and has put FIFA 23 ahead of time the game available to users for a technical failure. Because of this, we already know several of the details that were planned to make known during the next weeks.

So, suddenly and porrazo we already know many of the stockings of some of the most important teams in the world. That countdown of the 50 best players and the most organic publication of the content is over. Someone has escaped his finger, chafando everything and taking everything suddenly. But well, since we have it here we tell you.

The stockings of the most powerful FIFA 23 teams

So, as you can imagine, insiders specialized in the game have already gathered all the information about it. Especially of the teams and players that are usually used due to their quality. For example, we already know who are the 10 best FIFA players 23 .

If you want to know more concrete information, we leave you the stockings of the different most leading teams in Europe, such as Real Madrid, Barça, PSG, Manchester City, Liverpool, Bayern Münich and some other.