Sekiro: Shadow Dai TWICE (hereinafter referred to as Sekiro) has appeared in the world’s best sales chart for a long time with a discount.


Sekiro is a soul-like game that shows a completely different style from the previous works of the Dark Soul series, which is well received by many gamers. Unlike the Dark Soul, which aims to be heavy movements and avoidance-oriented play, it is famous for focusing on the way of infiltrating, assassination, and opponent’s weapons and fighting back.

This year, it is the third time this year, including New Year’s Day and Summer Discounts, which are large discounts for Steam. If you are a user who entered Soul Lake with the Elden Ring, you may want to buy and challenge another style of Sekiro at a reasonable price. Sekiro’s discount will continue until September 6.

In addition to Sekiro, a significant discount is the top of the world’s highest sales. No Men’s Sky, which is 50% off, ranked 5th, Terminator: Resistance ranked 6th with the first 60% discount, and the first DLC of Gunfire Ribbon, which was ranked first, was also offered at 20% discount.

In TOP 20, the best concurrent user, Naraka: Blade Point and Destiny Guardians, with a new patch and a new season, are competing, and Monster Hunter Rise is the 19th place as before, but the largest number of concurrent users decreases once more. It is showing.