Summer holidays have almost ended, but Disney Dreamlight Valley could well be the relaxing game of the new season. A mixture of simulation and adventure game, can be compared with Animal Crossing for its relaxing appearance and most of its game characteristics that we detail below. And for prepare for its launch , here are everything you need to know about it.

Release date, early access and platforms

Disney Dreamlight Valley will soon launch on most platforms, but it will be an early access and not its final version. This makes it possible to get it at a more interesting price and that developers are updating before launch.

* Release date (early access): September 6, 2022
* Release date of the full version: 2023
* Available platforms: PC (Steam, Microsoft Store or Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One/Xbox Series
* Developer: Gameloft
* Reserve available on the official website

Keep in mind that you can get it for free through Xbox Game Pass this September 6.

Prices and Founder Packages

Keep in mind that for its worldwide launch, in 2023, the game will be free, in free-to-play mode. Anticipated access to Disney Dreamlight Valley is available through Founder’s Pays Pags. There are three different:

Standard edition-29.99 €

  • The game in advance access on the platform you choose
  • 8000 lunar stones (game currency)
  • A cosmetic package with 2 clothing and 9 decorative objects with the mickey theme,

  • 3 Mickey designs to customize your furniture and clothes.

Luxury edition-€ 49.99

  • The game in advance access on the platform you choose
  • 14,500 lunar stones (game currency)

* All cosmetics of the standard edition (Mickey)
* A heavenly marine turtle pet,
* 7 garments on the topic Buzz Lightyear,
* 10 decorative objects on the topic Buzz Lightyear,
* 3 patterns on the topic Buzz Lightyear,
* Luxury jacket and headband with mickey ears

Definitive edition-69,99 €

  • The game in advance access on the platform you choose
  • 20,000 lunar stones (game currency)
  • All cosmetics of the standard edition (Mickey)
  • All cosmetics articles of the luxury edition (Buzz)
  • A Royal Fox pet,
  • 4 garments on the real subject,
  • 15 decorative objects on the real subject,
  • 3 patterns on the real subject,
  • An Ultimate jacket and a Mickey Donut headband.

Disney Dreamlight Valley game: What to do?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an adventure, simulation and agriculture game, all in 1. You can create the character of your dreams and you will have to return life to the Disney/Pixar world that has succumbed. It will be necessary to restore, clean and bring the magic back so that the city welcomes famous animated characters such as Buzz Lightyear, Moana and Wall.E.

To carry out this mission you will have to complete a main task but also secondary missions with each of the inhabitants. It will also be necessary to collect resources through mining, fishing, cultivation, manufacturing objects and decoration of houses.

This new Disney game with Animal Crossing New Horizons is often compared is because there are also different activities of the Nintendo flagship title. But the truth is that we could also compare it with a game of farms like My Time At Portia, for example, since many aspects of the game are similar, such as cooking, planting flowers and ingredients, progressing in each discipline and gaining unique rewards, etc.

Progression of the character

Disney Dreamlight Valley will offer microtransactions (with real money) only to buy cosmetics. To progress in the game, you will have to do so by completing missions and improving your skill levels (fishing, gardening, mining, etc.). The progression is achieved successfully completing the main mission (history) and the secondary missions offered by the characters. This will allow you to unlock new tools, decorations, new craft plans and cooking recipes to constantly improve your Disney/Pixar city.

Many emblematic places also deserve a visit in addition to the main town, such as the beaches of Moana, the tiana swamp and the toad, the Rapunzel tower, the marine background of the mermaid, the Frozen ice palace or even the savanna of the savanna Lion King.

Create your Free Character

If you can’t wait to play Disney Dreamlight Valley before September 6, there is currently a free demonstration available.
It does not allow you to advance in history but create one or more characters with the many clothes and hairstyles of the customization editor.
You can download it directly from Steam, Epic Games Store or in your Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 or Xbox console.