The launch of Return of Monkey Island will be a very special day for many players. You know why? Because it is the return of one of the most popular sagdiscount in the history of the video game . And that is due to a single rediscounton: Guybrush Threepwood’s adventure series that we were lucky to live in the 90s thanks to Ron Gilbert.

Whether you are aware of the same, discount if you like the graphic adventures of a lifetime, you are very likely that you are interested in the new delivery, and that gives rise to being a fantdiscounttic time to enjoy again-or discover for the first time-of the origins of the franchise on PC or Steam Deck. In addition, there are no excuses that are worth, since you can do it for only 4 euros and some cents .

The Monkey Island saga throws the house out the window on PC (Steam)

The most important thing you should know is that you just have a few hours to get it, since the offers will only be active until 19: 00 (Spanish peninsular schedule) this afternoon. The second is that you can choose to buy the games that are missing for just over € 1 or acquire the full saga for just over € 4. Here are all the prices and all the links to the store.

* The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition for 1.63 euros (80% discount)
* Monkey Isand 2 Special Edition: Lechuck’s Revenge for € 1.63 (80% discount)
* The Curse of Monkey Island for 1.13 euros (80% discount)
* Escape from Monkey Island for 1.13 euros (80% discount)
* Monkey Isand Collection | Includes all games for 4.14 euros (85% discount; savings of 1.38 euros)

Ron Gilbert lied about the price of his new adventures

In addition to his legacy, Gilbert is known by his unmistakable sense of humor, something that he usually captures in his works. Do you remember the famous phrdiscounte of him that said that do not pay more than 20 turkeys for a video game? Well, it turns out that Return of Monkey Island will cost 2.99 euros more! How could it be otherwise, users have reminded him of his words and his response does not disappoint: It is a price adjusted to inflation , he said through Twitter. The game will reach PC and consoles on September 19.