The Age of Empire 4, which predicted a new civilization update through Game Scom held in Germany, was ranked 9th in the world’s best sales chart, offering the first 50% discount and weekly free play on Steam.

Age of Empire 4 foretold two civilizations updates through Game Scom on the 24th. The new civilization will be added to the Mali and Ottoman Empire, respectively, in the two and three Age of Empires, respectively. The Mali Empire focuses on economic play based on gold in accordance with the historical testimony of gold production, and the Ottoman Empire can also have many troops by taking advantage of the history of strong military power. The two civilizations will be updated free of charge on October 25.

The Age of Empire 4, which has been in the game for 10 months, maintains the steam user evaluation ‘very positive (28,172 participants, 85% positive)’. At the same time as the update release, the first 50% discount on Steam will be offered, and it is also provided with free weekly play, which will be a good concern for users who like the RTS genre.


Meanwhile, in addition to the Age of Empire 4, the F1 manager 2022, which can lead the F1 racing team, ranked third with the pre-purchase benefit effect, and the SD Gundam Battle Alliance rose to fifth. Eldenling also appeared in 10th place after a long time.

In the top 20 of the day, the monster Hunter Rise has fallen to 18th, and Final Fantasy 14, which has been newly updated in version 6.2, remains 20th.