In order to meet the dangerous goal, players can count on smooth control and also a sophisticated game technicians established by Dead Cells’ Lead Designer Sébastien Bénard.

The unforeseen exploration of a secret army center promptly tosses the strategies over the load. It uses to the fact concerning the presence of site 16 as well as a-??? to decrypt. Nevertheless, access to this details can call for a consent approval ??? and…?

Along with the main setting of the video game, Nuclear Blaze likewise includes an unique kid setting that was created for children from 3 years. This mode has its own-and simpler-level, a never-ceasing hero, a streamlined control (with Auto-Aim) and also great deals of vehicles as well as helicopters!

After you are dropped in the middle of this flaming inferno, the primary task is to consist of the fire, to find your reasons and also to search for survivors.

Sébastien Bénard, the well-known game developer of Nuclear Blaze, said concerning the upcoming console publication and his teamwork with Red Art Games: Collaboration with Red Art Games was truly a fantastic satisfaction. I recognize quite possibly that every person anticipates to read this in a press release-but in this situation the team did thoroughly as well as top notch job that made Nuclear Blaze’s console port possible.

Nuclear Blaze is a dynamic 2D action video game in which you take control of a knowledgeable firefighter that has actually entered into the middle of a major fire. The hero not only needs to keep the fire under control with its dedicated tube, yet also take a look at the conditions behind the catastrophe.

The video game will certainly show up electronically on consoles at the start of next year, while the physical versions will be revealed at a later day.

Red Art Games is pleased to introduce the upcoming globally magazine of Nuclear Blaze for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and also Xbox One. Nuclear Blaze is the current game of Sébastien Bénard, the creator of the Dead Cells celebrated by objection and target market, as well as is ported by Red Art Games on consoles.


Regarding Nuclear Blaze: A massive fire rages and gamers are made use of on site to stop it. This is a regular commitment for a experienced and well-trained fireman.

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The console version likewise has the Hold My Beer mode, which uses covert locations as well as new threats in all degrees that require more accurate and also tactical strategy. The full nuclear blaze experience is acquired on consoles!

  • One-of-a-kind 2D fire combating game
  • Smooth control and also video game mechanics
  • Lovely pixel graphics
  • Finely worked with trouble settings
  • Kid mode with special degrees and a control created for more youthful females and firemens
  • Hold My Beer mode with surprise areas along with brand-new threats and tactical components
  • Covert felines are awaiting their rescue