Hasbro game subsidiary Wizard of the Coast (hereinafter referred to as Wizards) announced on the 19th a new lineup of Magic: The Gathering (Magic) and Dungeon & Dragon (D & D) through the Wizard Present Showcase.

First, we unveiled a new Magic lineup to be introduced in the second half of this year and next year. On September 9, the first magic set introduced in 1993 and the Dominaria United, the core of Magic Multi Bus, which became the story centered on the story for decades after launch, will be launched.

Starting with this, the story arc marathon, which deals with four sets of Pixia, will lead to the Physia Story Arc, which will be released in November, along with the Brothers War, which will be released in November. The Story Arc Campaign ends with the of the Machine, which will be released in the second quarter of next year.

Subsequently, in the third quarter of next year, ‘Eldrain’, which was inspired by the Classic fairy tales with the Wils of Eldlain, will return, and in the fourth quarter, the Lost Cabon of Snack will be unveiled.

Magic will hold a Magic 30 event at the Las Vegas Expo, which will be held at the World Market Center from October 28 to 30. It celebrates Magic history and provides special promotions in local stores.

In addition, a new universe Beyond line, which is a way to play in the fantasy world expanded in the existing magic worldview, has been unveiled. It is a card that expresses symbolic novel backgrounds and popular culture characters.

First of all, the four commander decks will be presented with four commander decks, and four sol rings will be presented with the theme of each faction representing Imperium of Man, Tyranid, Neckron and Chaos. In addition to the British TV series ‘Doctor Hu’, we will unveil commander decks, collector boosters, and secret rare drops.


In addition, the set of ‘Lord of the Rings: The Legend of the Middle Earth’, which features Proddo and Aragon, will also be introduced in the third quarter of next year. It depicts the Battle of Pelennor plains in 18 cards, and will be added to the online version of Magic: The Gathering Arena Alchemies set at the end of next year.

D & D will continue to innovate the table top and RPG genre, while also offering a different experience with movies and books. In addition, the platform D & D Beyond and One D & D will be introduced to provide D & D experience.

In December of this year, in the Clean world, the adventure set ‘Dragon Lance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen’ set in the background of the Lance War, and can be crossed with Dragon Lance: Krene’s warriors. It can be ordered in advance from the D & D online store, and in November, it will be released in D & D Beyond.

Next year, Golden Bolt’s Key-Winter, Big Bee Present: Giant’s Glory-Summer, Many Books-Summer, Pandelber Campaign-Summer, Plains Cape-Autumn, and R.A. Salvatore’s fantasy novel ‘Legend of Driz’ Family Webtoon will also be introduced.