The road to the most important tournament concluded by leaving 16 teams that could qualify after obtaining enough points throughout the year in their respective regions and also managing to advance in the two Masters tournaments of the year, now it only remains to be prepared for maximum world competition Valorant Champions where only the best contender of all regions can take the title of world champion.

On the side of Latam, for the first time, two teams representing the region are available, first account we have the Leviathan team that has managed to overcome several tests from winning the mid-year regional playoffs until fighting in Masters to get the fifth /Sixth place that put it in the sights of all the countries of the world, with the experience of Rodrigo Onur Dalmagro as coach has seen the progress of the Levianeta and the growth of players as Vicente Tacolilla Compagnon, who is Considered as the best chamber in the region, on the other hand Benjamin adverse Poblete has been a key piece of team development, a team that is ready to demonstrate its world-world potential.

This year not everything painted Rosa for Kru Esports who managed to reach the first international but had complicated games, in the middle of the year they were also complicated the confrontations but always fighting until the end, reaching Last Chance Qualifier the team headed by Leandro Leazo Lizet manages to defeat Brazilian and Latin rivals to ensure their passage to the Champions League, being the only team so far that has been in all international competitions, with a strong mentality and players who have the nerves of steel like Angelo Keznit Mori, like Captain Nicolas Klaus Ferrari will seek to achieve a new achievement in their careers as they did last year by being Top 3 in the world.

With a start date for August 31, the teams of the world have already traveled to Europe to be able Col, pe /12 hrs arg (approximate schedule) while kru will start action on September 3 at 8 hrs (mx, col, per) **, just a few days after it begins The search for the second world champion all fans prepare to see the best competitive value.