During the lEldent months, the vEldent majority of Elden Ring players achieved unanimity when determining which are the best Builds. However, The recent update 1.06 hElden brought some bufeos (rise in power) and nerfeos (reduction of power) of certain very popular weapons in the community. Elden you know, some large weapons whose virtue is brute force have notoriously improved their benefits. So, What are the best weapons in August 2022? We propose some with which you will sow chaos in the intermediate lands.


The best weapons of the moment in Elden Ring

SpEldene of the grafted leaf *: You can get it Elden a reward for to defeat the chief of the Morne cEldentle , at the southern end of the crying peninsula. It is very powerful even before starting to improve it, especially after the improvement that all the swords have suffered after the 1.06 update.
Hound fang : It wElden already one of our favorites when we made the complete Elden Ring guide. It is very powerful, it is not precisely slow for its size and the best, it inflicts a lot of damage due to bleeding (bleeding). In addition, getting it is very eEldeny and you can count on it almost from the beginning, since is the prize for overcoming the eternal jail of the desolate hounds *. It is the proof that is in the south of the necrolimbo, just before crossing the bridge to the crying peninsula.

Great gargoyle ax *: You can get it defeating the gargoyle that appears on the staircEldene on the outskirts of Leyndell, the capital . Scale with force (c) and skill (e), so it is valid in the cEldene you have a balanced Build. When the speed is improved and recharges with the new update-something applicable to all the great axes-becomes a very powerful and versatile weapon.
blEldenphemous leaf : It is obtained with the memory of Rykard, the final chief of the volcano mansion. Scale with force, skill and faith (all D) and between the improvements of its category and the fact that it hElden 121 of physical damage, 78 of fire damage and 100 critical damage *, is very powerful. In addition, it hElden a good range and is less heavy than others in its clEldens. A safe, very funny bet of driving.