Two Point Campus is a game for you if you want to build your dream university. You start from scratch and fall into the list of best universities. However, successfully control the campus and manage it is not an easy task for someone who probably never controlled the entire campus on his own. This is where the tips that we collected for you will help you in managing a well-planned campus in the Two Point campus.

Tips and recommendations for Two Point campus

This leadership will help you build and launch a successful campus on Two Point Campus, providing several useful tips for better management.


Most players will ultimately build several camps in the 2 Point campus at once. The construction of several campuses will simultaneously create a load on your budget and will affect the quality of your campuses. You need to provide your students with such rooms as lecture halls, classes, laboratories, bathrooms, libraries and rooms in a hostel.

If you decide to create several campuses, you cannot provide the necessary conditions, and your campus will fail.

The best option is to start slowly. Make sure that every campus that you have is perfect and provides all amenities. The better the conditions you offer, the higher you can charge a fee from your students and the more you will have a budget for further growth.

update and research

Times are always changing, and new competitors will always rebel against you. So what you need to do is update your campus and equipment. Even if you have a huge campus, it costs nothing if it is empty or full of obsolete things.

Update your campus. Update classes. Update the chairs, improve the tables, improve everything that can be improved in 2 Point Campus.

However, in order to unlock new technologies to improve your campus, you first need to explore objects. You need to hire at least one professor with research skills. You can choose what you want to explore, and the professor will begin to work on the study.

As soon as the study is completed, you can update your equipment and make your campus much better than it is.

Treat students as students

Know that your students are students, not your VIP guests. Your real customers on Two Point Campus are paid parents. Therefore, do not waste too many resources on the construction of a campus, where you are struggling to provide too much confidentiality for students.


You can easily save on a hostel and settle your students in a hostel or even completely miss the opportunity to make a hostel in general. Your students will be happy to wander around the campus throughout the day. Nevertheless, one thing on which you should not save is campus and classes. You must make sure that you are constantly involved in all your students.

Even if students have no classes, they need to do something. You need to make a dining room, game rooms and parks so that your students can feel comfortable. If your campus is not good enough, your students will decide to leave your institute, but for you this is a huge no.

make your campus attractive

As in real life, people who want to study at your university will visit your campus and evaluate the campus depending on its beauty. The best way to attract more students to your university is to make it attractive to new visitors.

Place several posters, benches, statues, plants and even fountains to make your campus more attractive and preferable for your potential students. You can check your list of informative visualization to check which areas of your university town are beautiful and which is painful to pain.

hire competent staff

Personnel is a huge factor that determines the value of your university. The better you have the staff, the better they will teach and the higher the rating of your university.

Now that you start, all your employees will have only one skill point, and you will need to train them. This is an expensive and laborious process. However, as you advanced, you can hire much the best employees for your university.

Thus, you should always consider the possibility of re-hiring teachers. You can find the best teachers with the best skills for you, so you will not have to spend resources on training your existing teachers.

On the other hand, if you cannot find a new teacher and have already invested funds in one, do not waste it in vain. Change only if you find the best option or work on what you have.

Then you want your experts to take the posts for which they are trained. You may need additional staff, and you decide to hire either too qualified or insufficiently qualified personnel for your work. You do not want a medical student to manage your tent with Ramen or throw a school as an assistant professor at your university. Always make sure that the person you hire is enough qualified for work, and not higher or lower.

Knit your faculty

You can check the mood, happiness, activity and level of energy. This is important, since teachers with a low moral spirit will not give the desired results. The provision of entertainment will increase the morale and will keep your students and employees in good shape and fresh.

Furniture, such as social tables and water coolers, will contribute to friendship and increase the effectiveness of your students.

Additional classes

Students of your universities in the Two Point campus not only learn, but also make a career. Never forget about it. Give your students the opportunity to work in this area as a student.

For example, if you offer music classes, allow students or even invite them to make an open microph1. This will not only increase the interest and moral spirit of your students, but will also work as free advertising, and you will also receive XP for such actions.

Use your summer holidays

Summer holidays are important. They give you time to make changes in your campuses in the Two Point campus. You can change the layout, build new buildings, import new equipment and change classes. You can view your budget and decide what you will do in the next academic year, what changes you need to make or what your goal will be for the next year.

Always try to use vacation in the best way. If you are not ready, you can postpone the beginning of the school year. The postponement of the school year will allow you to make sure that your campus is in excellent condition before you start the school year.