SNK announced that in 2023, in 2023, in 2023, in 2023, in 2023, in 2023, in 2023, in 2023, in 2023, in 2023, to realize comfortable online matches in the Kenmurai Spirits in the sword fighting fighting game Samurai Spirits **.

The roll-back method is a method in which the game side uses future prediction to make the communication delay in the Internet competition feel smaller. If the environment of the frame-by-one battle in fighting games, and the number of actions that both sides will take out, the next player’s hand can be predicted with a fairly high accuracy, so look ahead of the player’s movement. You can draw smoothly. However, if the communication situation is bad, there is also a drawback that the chipping of the movement due to the rewind (rollback) that occurs when it is out of the prediction becomes noticeable.

Please see this commentary for detailed mechanisms in the rollback method.

The platform eligible for this update is PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/PC (Steam/Epic Games Store), and Nintendo Switch/Stadia is not eligible. The specific date and time is unknown at this time, but it seems that the guidance will be given again.