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The Saints Row Boss Factory is the free standalone character editor for Saints Row. Here you can let off steam with countless design options and already put your figure on your figure, with which you can then make the new edition of the weird open world action game unsafe on PC and consoles from August 23.

And that’s not all: Together with publisher Plaion, we are looking for the most creative and creepiest Boss of the week-and are giving away exclusive prices!

In this article you can find out:

  • How you build the boss of the week
  • What you can win with your character
  • Where you get the Saints Row Boss Factory

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Character-Editor Deluxe: This can be the Saints Row Boss Factory

The character generator from the Saints-Row series is notorious for infinite possibilities. Here you can really tweak and adapt every facet of your character at will. This is no different in the new Boss Factory: The free program lets you go crazy when designing the character, even before the new Saints Row on August 23rd its release on PC, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S celebrates.

#Bossderwoche: This is how the Saints-Row competition works

In keeping with the Boss Factory, Plaion is holding a competition campaign: every week the publisher is looking for a new so-called Boss of the Week on a specific topic. This boss must be created in the Boss Factory and should of course look as impressive as possible. A winner is chosen from all submissions, who can then look forward to an exclusive goodie: a Saints-Row shirt in which you can have a say in labeling, design and color.

The topic of the current #Bossderwoche Challenge is powered by Row and reads: Famous horror characters (valid from 08.08.-08.08.)

On the conditions of participation of the competition

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And so you participate in the competition:

  • Download the Saints Row Boss Factory
  • Creates a character on the topic of the current week
    Posts a screenshot of the character with the hashtag #bossderwoche * on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

The winner is then informed and can then design his personalized shirt. Only in the Row Week from 08.08.-14.08. There is also not only one winner: place 2 and 3 do not go away empty-handed, because you also have the chance of two more T-shirts for Saints Row.

Download ## Boss Factory: Here you get the Saints-Row character editor

The Boss Factory for Saints Row is available for free download on all platforms.

  • The program is available for the PC via the Epic Games Store
  • If you play on PlayStation, you get the version for PS4 and PS5 in the PSN store
  • If you have an Xbox, get the Saints Row Boss Factory in the Xbox store

We hope you enjoy tinkering and good luck!

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