Gravity started a pre-booking mobile SPRG ‘Ragnarok Arena’ on August 3rd.

Ragnarok Arena is a game that plays strategically after collecting Ragnarok Monster. It was equipped with character development, collection, strengthening, and evolution. After the launch of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau in May this year, it ranked No. 1 in the Apple App Store free game, and the No. 1 popular game for Taiwan and Macau Google Play.

Pre-booking can be participated in Google, Facebook, and Apple accounts from August 3rd to domestic launch. Pre-booking participants will receive game items such as Debirucci’s Welcome Badge, Glittering Foring Border, and Blue Equipment Treasure Box. In addition, if you participate in the app market pre-booking, you can receive additional 20 Silvermes, 5 old tree branches, and 100 Ig Drasil fruits.

In addition, the government will also be authorized to participate in the domestic non-disclosure test for pre-booking participants. The test will be conducted in August, and the user will be given game items after launch.

In addition, the monster collection mission will be held on the pre-booking page. If you complete your homepage pre-booking and market pre-booking, you can get delivery and big and foot, and you can collect angeling and jacks on test introductions and game introduction pages. If you complete the monster collection mission, you can get 10 additional tree branches.

Ragnarok Arena Sun Sang-woong PM said, We are making a lot of efforts to introduce Ragnarok Arena, which has been a great success overseas to domestic users.

For more information, please visit the Ragnarok Arena Pre-booking page.