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FIFA 23 – stockings of some of the best teams: Real Madrid, Barça, PSG, City, Liverpool, Bayern

We have already told you that EA Sports has made a fairly large mistake and has put FIFA 23 ahead of time the game available to users for a technical failure. Because of this, we already know several of the details that were planned to make known during the next weeks.

So, suddenly and porrazo we already know many of the stockings of some of the most important teams in the world. That countdown of the 50 best players and the most organic publication of the content is over. Someone has escaped his finger, chafando everything and taking everything suddenly. But well, since we have it here we tell you.

The stockings of the most powerful FIFA 23 teams

So, as you can imagine, insiders specialized in the game have already gathered all the information about it. Especially of the teams and players that are usually used due to their quality. For example, we already know who are the 10 best FIFA players 23 .

If you want to know more concrete information, we leave you the stockings of the different most leading teams in Europe, such as Real Madrid, Barça, PSG, Manchester City, Liverpool, Bayern Münich and some other.

How to download free mafia for PC in Steam for limited time and celebrate its 20th anniversary

** Happy birthday to the mafia saga that is blowing 20 candles! free form.

Free mafia in Steam

The first episode of the trilogy of mafia, with an GTA style, but with more realism in its shooting and driving sequences, will be available for players for free download from September 1 to September 5.

You download it during those days and it will be your forever, so you will have to take the discomfort of doing the process if you want the library of your PC to be increased with this game.

ATTENTION, We are not talking about Mafia Definitive Edition , the high quality remake launched last year, but of the original game, launched 20 years ago.

You can download it From this link between September 1 and 5.

A new game in development

And since the good news never arrives alone, Hangar 13 has confirmed that they are working on a new chapter of the series .

After remakes and remastering, the development study is preparing something new with a mafia 4 that we expect is of much better quality than the third work , certainly very solid in regard to its stage and its characters, but With an improvable gameplay. and an open world with errors to the core.

At the moment, there are no more details about it, but we hope to share the first information soon.

[Todays Steam] New user rising to 50% discount on Sekiro

Sekiro: Shadow Dai TWICE (hereinafter referred to as Sekiro) has appeared in the world’s best sales chart for a long time with a discount.


Sekiro is a soul-like game that shows a completely different style from the previous works of the Dark Soul series, which is well received by many gamers. Unlike the Dark Soul, which aims to be heavy movements and avoidance-oriented play, it is famous for focusing on the way of infiltrating, assassination, and opponent’s weapons and fighting back.

This year, it is the third time this year, including New Year’s Day and Summer Discounts, which are large discounts for Steam. If you are a user who entered Soul Lake with the Elden Ring, you may want to buy and challenge another style of Sekiro at a reasonable price. Sekiro’s discount will continue until September 6.

In addition to Sekiro, a significant discount is the top of the world’s highest sales. No Men’s Sky, which is 50% off, ranked 5th, Terminator: Resistance ranked 6th with the first 60% discount, and the first DLC of Gunfire Ribbon, which was ranked first, was also offered at 20% discount.

In TOP 20, the best concurrent user, Naraka: Blade Point and Destiny Guardians, with a new patch and a new season, are competing, and Monster Hunter Rise is the 19th place as before, but the largest number of concurrent users decreases once more. It is showing.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: release date, price, details. All about this crossing animal

Summer holidays have almost ended, but Disney Dreamlight Valley could well be the relaxing game of the new season. A mixture of simulation and adventure game, can be compared with Animal Crossing for its relaxing appearance and most of its game characteristics that we detail below. And for prepare for its launch , here are everything you need to know about it.

Release date, early access and platforms

Disney Dreamlight Valley will soon launch on most platforms, but it will be an early access and not its final version. This makes it possible to get it at a more interesting price and that developers are updating before launch.

* Release date (early access): September 6, 2022
* Release date of the full version: 2023
* Available platforms: PC (Steam, Microsoft Store or Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One/Xbox Series
* Developer: Gameloft
* Reserve available on the official website

Keep in mind that you can get it for free through Xbox Game Pass this September 6.

Prices and Founder Packages

Keep in mind that for its worldwide launch, in 2023, the game will be free, in free-to-play mode. Anticipated access to Disney Dreamlight Valley is available through Founder’s Pays Pags. There are three different:

Standard edition-29.99 €

  • The game in advance access on the platform you choose
  • 8000 lunar stones (game currency)
  • A cosmetic package with 2 clothing and 9 decorative objects with the mickey theme,

  • 3 Mickey designs to customize your furniture and clothes.

Luxury edition-€ 49.99

  • The game in advance access on the platform you choose
  • 14,500 lunar stones (game currency)

* All cosmetics of the standard edition (Mickey)
* A heavenly marine turtle pet,
* 7 garments on the topic Buzz Lightyear,
* 10 decorative objects on the topic Buzz Lightyear,
* 3 patterns on the topic Buzz Lightyear,
* Luxury jacket and headband with mickey ears

Definitive edition-69,99 €

  • The game in advance access on the platform you choose
  • 20,000 lunar stones (game currency)
  • All cosmetics of the standard edition (Mickey)
  • All cosmetics articles of the luxury edition (Buzz)
  • A Royal Fox pet,
  • 4 garments on the real subject,
  • 15 decorative objects on the real subject,
  • 3 patterns on the real subject,
  • An Ultimate jacket and a Mickey Donut headband.

Disney Dreamlight Valley game: What to do?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an adventure, simulation and agriculture game, all in 1. You can create the character of your dreams and you will have to return life to the Disney/Pixar world that has succumbed. It will be necessary to restore, clean and bring the magic back so that the city welcomes famous animated characters such as Buzz Lightyear, Moana and Wall.E.

To carry out this mission you will have to complete a main task but also secondary missions with each of the inhabitants. It will also be necessary to collect resources through mining, fishing, cultivation, manufacturing objects and decoration of houses.

This new Disney game with Animal Crossing New Horizons is often compared is because there are also different activities of the Nintendo flagship title. But the truth is that we could also compare it with a game of farms like My Time At Portia, for example, since many aspects of the game are similar, such as cooking, planting flowers and ingredients, progressing in each discipline and gaining unique rewards, etc.

Progression of the character

Disney Dreamlight Valley will offer microtransactions (with real money) only to buy cosmetics. To progress in the game, you will have to do so by completing missions and improving your skill levels (fishing, gardening, mining, etc.). The progression is achieved successfully completing the main mission (history) and the secondary missions offered by the characters. This will allow you to unlock new tools, decorations, new craft plans and cooking recipes to constantly improve your Disney/Pixar city.

Many emblematic places also deserve a visit in addition to the main town, such as the beaches of Moana, the tiana swamp and the toad, the Rapunzel tower, the marine background of the mermaid, the Frozen ice palace or even the savanna of the savanna Lion King.

Create your Free Character

If you can’t wait to play Disney Dreamlight Valley before September 6, there is currently a free demonstration available.
It does not allow you to advance in history but create one or more characters with the many clothes and hairstyles of the customization editor.
You can download it directly from Steam, Epic Games Store or in your Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 or Xbox console.

Season 5 of Apex Legends is introduced today

The fifth season of Apex Legends is currently on the internet. Thanks to a collection of generous and also coherent web content updates, there is now an excellent amount of followers that can not wait to deal with to death in Apex.

Loba is a brand-new hero who will please players that such as to play quickly and also slyly. His teleportation capability will offer players the possibility to try to win a benefit over an adversary gamer or team. Players will certainly currently be able to recoup this weapon than in booty boxes or dead players that used it.

The various other adjustment that accompanies season 5 is the adjustments to the renowned Peacekeeper hunting rifle. EA made a decision to make the Peacekeeper much rarer in period 5. Players will currently be able to recuperate this weapon than in booty boxes or dead players that used it.

Season 5 will introduce a ton of brand-new points, yet the most significant goes to Loba. Loba is a brand-new hero that will please players that like to play promptly and slyly. His teleportation ability will offer players the opportunity to attempt to win a benefit over an opponent player or team. This might be used during the battle to get a new angle on a challenger or to establish up a best ambush. Anyhow, Loba will have a significant effect on the fight.

The weapon that will certainly take the Peacekeepers will place him mastiff. It is rather ironic, since the mastiff was a weapon of treatment just. Just how the tables have actually turned.

If you have not yet played Monkey Island you no longer have an excuse: the whole saga for just over 4 euros only today!

The launch of Return of Monkey Island will be a very special day for many players. You know why? Because it is the return of one of the most popular sagdiscount in the history of the video game . And that is due to a single rediscounton: Guybrush Threepwood’s adventure series that we were lucky to live in the 90s thanks to Ron Gilbert.

Whether you are aware of the same, discount if you like the graphic adventures of a lifetime, you are very likely that you are interested in the new delivery, and that gives rise to being a fantdiscounttic time to enjoy again-or discover for the first time-of the origins of the franchise on PC or Steam Deck. In addition, there are no excuses that are worth, since you can do it for only 4 euros and some cents .

The Monkey Island saga throws the house out the window on PC (Steam)

The most important thing you should know is that you just have a few hours to get it, since the offers will only be active until 19: 00 (Spanish peninsular schedule) this afternoon. The second is that you can choose to buy the games that are missing for just over € 1 or acquire the full saga for just over € 4. Here are all the prices and all the links to the store.

* The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition for 1.63 euros (80% discount)
* Monkey Isand 2 Special Edition: Lechuck’s Revenge for € 1.63 (80% discount)
* The Curse of Monkey Island for 1.13 euros (80% discount)
* Escape from Monkey Island for 1.13 euros (80% discount)
* Monkey Isand Collection | Includes all games for 4.14 euros (85% discount; savings of 1.38 euros)

Ron Gilbert lied about the price of his new adventures

In addition to his legacy, Gilbert is known by his unmistakable sense of humor, something that he usually captures in his works. Do you remember the famous phrdiscounte of him that said that do not pay more than 20 turkeys for a video game? Well, it turns out that Return of Monkey Island will cost 2.99 euros more! How could it be otherwise, users have reminded him of his words and his response does not disappoint: It is a price adjusted to inflation , he said through Twitter. The game will reach PC and consoles on September 19.

Fragrance at Favre on the Côte dAzur and in Belgrade

FC Köln commemorated the action into the group phase of the Europa Conference League on Thursday evening. Simply 18 hours after the acclaimed final whistle in Szekesfehrar, the eyes of the certain worn out eyes then went to Istanbul, where the draw of the group phase took area.

The make use of Friday afternoon revealed charming travel locations for FC: Perfume’s European adventure proceeds in Serbia’s resources, the French Côte d’Azur as well as in the Czech Republic. The challengers in Group D are partizan Belgrade, OGC Nizza team of train Lucien Favre-and 1. FC Slovacko.


Heavy weights such as West Pork United or in 2014’s Bayern conqueror FC Villarreal were saved FC.

Coach Steffen Baumgart will be shut to the initial group game after his yellow-red card in the play-off second leg at Fehervar FC (3-0).

The first group video game day will happen on September 8th, the last November 3rd. The group champions qualify straight for the round of 16, the 2nd denies an intermediate round against the group thirds of the Europa League. From February it will certainly proceed with the K.O. rounds. The last will enhance in Prague on June 7, 2023.

Kukoos: Lost Pet Dogs: Schräger 3D

With Kukoos-Lost Pets, mode Games has actually presented a sloping 3D system from the developer Petitfabrik.
The game provides its bravest adventurers in front of the task of checking out 5 various worlds to conserve the lovable pet inhabitants of the Kukoo tree.


The gamers make their way through state-of-the-art cities, forests and also ancient temples and also come behind the secret of that missed out on these useful pets.
The brand-new trailer for this experience, which is ideal for every age teams, is readily available below:
Kukoos: Lost Pet Dogs is to be launched in 2022 for PC, Change, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4/5.

When will Better Call Saul Season 6 be in Netflix?

Better Call Saul recently concluded his end, and fans are excited about how well everything was. However, for some, they have not yet had the opportunity to see the last season of the program and hope to see it on their favorite transmission platform. Here is everything you need to know about when Better Call Saul Season 6 will be in Netflix.

It is important to note that some areas already have Better Call Saul season in its entirety, since it reaches the platform shortly after it was broadcast every week in 40 regions around the world. Unfortunately, for some, such as the United States and Canada, that is not the case.

When will Better Call Saul season 6 be in Netflix?

If you managed to be one of the few regions that does not get the program in Netflix, you will probably be waiting for a while. The quick response is There is still no release date for Better Call Saul season in Netflix for many regions, such as the US and Canada.

The previous seasons have been added to the platform at the time a new season is broadcast. However, since season 6 is the last, there is no specific time frame. If we had to guess, they could spend between 6 and 12 months until I arrive in Netflix, simply according to past trends with breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

However, if you can’t see it in Netflix at this time, where can you see it if you don’t want to wait?

Where can I see Better Call Saul season?

If you don’t want to wait to see Better Call Saul season, you can see it in AMC+. If you are a compulsive observer, you can even register for the seven-day free test; Otherwise, between $ 7 and $ 9 per month, depending on how you register.

That is all you need to know about **** when Better Call Saul Season 6 will be in Netflix. Better musical assemblies in the program, see all the related articles we have below.

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Every little thing we understand about Avowed – launch day, connection, structure and gameplay to the pillars of eternity

Obsidian Home entertainment, the creative team that dealt withresults: New Vegas, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II _:The Sith Lords, columns of endless time,andThe external worldshas a brand-new video game to go out for the Xbox Series X calledproclaimed.It was disclosed throughout the Xbox Games Showcase Livestream 2020 event with a great deal of secret, yet it illustrated a dark globe filled with magic, fantasy as well as the hope of a hero at the height of the ‘call. Right here is what we understand concerning the game ahead.


What is the launch date?

The official trailer ofDeclaréhas actually given no extra information on the video game. There is a great deal of mystery around the moment when we can discover more concerning this thanks to Obsidian, so it’s a good concept of S’ Wait to see more information throughout the holidays. Due to the fact that the starts of the game at once when Microsoft intended to show as much as possible for the launch of the Xbox Collection X on getaway 2020, it is most likely that we will certainly hear extra when the console is officially introduced, or a little later. When it is readily available, you can absolutely expect to play on the following console.

What does the gameplay resemble?

The trailer did not disclose the type of design of play that we were going to see inDeclared,yet in the long run, the cam moves to assume the first person’s viewpoint of a character displaying a sword in the One and a magic spell in the other. We will possibly play the game from the perspective of the very first individual. Since obsidian developedThe external worldsas their analysis ofTomber , however precede,declarécan be their feedback tothe old parchments .

What is the parameter for Avowed?

As an example, the banner waving at the start of the trailer birthed the symbol of Woedic, the god of justice and also regulation in thepiliers of Endless timeMonde. The God was additionally called Oathbinder. Now, all this might seem exaggerated, howeverpiliers of InfinityFollowers on Reddit say the contrary, numerous recommending that this will certainly take area somewhere in the Aedyr Empire where Woedic is mostly admired.

This is a wonderful and dark setting with evil monsters, magic spells as well as characters swinging swords against powerful guards. The world has actually been able to appear foreign to numerous of those that have actually seen it, fans in the eyes of the eaglepiliers of Endless timeThe group could recognize numerous links with the Tactical RPG of Obsidian as well as the globe of the franchise business, eora.

Ave has a relate to the columns of endless time?

Beyond being someplace in thepiliers of Endless timeMonde, Avowed will possibly have a straight connection with the RPG. Woedic’s sign being extremely prevalent in the trailer and also in the world ofDeclaré _, numerous assume that the video game will certainly offer as innovator to the RPG. We will see what the world looked like before these games were disclosed, giving Obsidian a great deal to check out as well as detail exactly how things created prior to the players took control of The Spectator.

Woedic’s sign being extremely widespread in the trailer and in the globe ofDeclaré _, numerous believe that the video game will offer as innovator to the RPG.

Obsidian Enjoyment, the creative group that functioned onafter effects: New Las vega, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II :The Sith Lords, columns of eternity,as well asThe outside worldshas a brand-new game to go out for the Xbox Series X calledstated. The main trailer ofDeclaréhas given no extra information on the game. Because obsidian developedThe exterior globesas their analysis ofTomber , yet in room,declarécould be their reaction tothe old parchments _.

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