Batman: Arkham Games-one of the best adventure games, but in what order should they play? In the games, the notorious DC superhero plays, which protects its hometown Gotham from the most dangerous supervision in the world. The series starts small, and then goes up. The first game took place completely in a psychiatric hospital called Arkham Asylum, and the action of Arkham Knight took place in the deserted area of Gotham City.

If you are a beginner in a franchise, it is better to start in the order in which games come out. Despite the fact that the games were not released in chronological order, it is best to advance from the small-scale effect of the first game to more open sections. It would be strange to start with Arkham Origins, the first game in chronological order, get used to the aspect of the open world of this game, and then immediately move on to a more linear Arkham asylum.

Batman: ARKHAM release order

We believe that it is better to start early, with small things, and move on. Here’s how to play Batman: Arkham in order to release them.

Batman: Arkham’s History-2009

Batman: Arkham asylum talks about Batman, who was trapped in the named Psychiatric Hospital Arkham Asylum, accompanying the Joker. Arkham asylum is a game with which it all started, and there are many iconic moments in it, such as the escape from the Krok killer in his cell and the battle with Boss Pugal. The game is the most linear of all ARKHAM games and has a relatively small setting. Nevertheless, in Arkham asylum is full of Easter challes and there is something to explore.

Batman: Arkham City-2011

After the first game, Arkham asylum expands and includes a small Gotham corner. Patients of the shelter can wander and do anything. Batman penetrates the Arkham City to stop again the vile doctor Hugo Strange and Joker. Arkham City is a more perfect version of Asylum, but with a larger sandbox. It is more ambitious than the first game, and has a memorable ending, which is remembered by the fans since the release in 2011.

Batman: The origin of Arkham-2013

Arkham Origins is a prequel to the first game Arkham Asylum, which tells about Batman at the beginning of his career. The action takes place on the snowy and deserted streets of Gotham on Christmas Eve. Batman must stop such criminals as Joker, Bane and Children’sok. Arkham Origins has a greater world that you can explore than in the first ARKHAM game, which is why it will be unpleasant to play Origins first, because you still have to return to the first Arkham game.

Batman: Chronicle Arkham Blackheate-2013

BlackGate is a by-product, which takes place three months after Origins. While most of the ARKHAM franchise is adventure games with a large number of research, BlackGate is a game with side scrolling, originally released for portable Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita consoles. BlackGate later will be transferred to home consoles, such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Batman: Knight Arkham-2015

In the last game of the Arkham trilogy, the history of Arkham Knight tells that part of Gotham City was closed from the rest of the world due to gas infection of fear of scarecrow. Batman seeks to stop the scarecrow, and also deals with the new accomplice of the supervillain, the titled knight of Arkham, and the hallucinations of Joker. Arkham Knight invites you to explore the largest world. Unfortunately, you need to use a new Batmobile a lot to get anywhere. Batmobile is constantly repeating, which makes Arkham Knight one of the less popular franchise games.

Batman: Arkham VR-2016

Arkham VR was released for the PlayStation VR headset in 2016 and received ambiguous reviews. The game looks the same as in the main games of Arkham, but now in the first person. If you are a big fan of virtual reality, you may be worth buying this game.

There are also ARKHAM mobile games such as Arkham City Lockdown and Arkham Underworld you can try. Mobile games are not important for the main games, and they can be missed if you do not like mobile games.


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