If you have been aware of the video game skateboarding scene, then the next skate 4, or skate., It should be one to see. The Full Circle developer has kept silent about the game, but in a new update of The Board Room, some new and juicy details have been revealed. If you are curious about if skating 4 is free to play We have the answer for you.

Is skating (4) free to play?

With skate 4/skate. Taking the players to the city of San Vansterdam, that trip will not cost the players, regardless of whether they are playing in PlayStation, Xbox or PC. However, that will come with some compensation, as shared in the update.


Skate (4) has microtransactions?

As a free game, we can certainly expect microtransactions. However, Full Circle wanted to emphasize that there are several strict rules to which they adhere when it comes to this area. Essentially, there will be:

  • Without paying to win
  • There are no blocked map areas behind Paywall
  • No paid boot boxes
  • Without advantages of payment game

From now on, Full Circle is working with game testers to further improve their game, although it is still at a very early stage. There will be more game tests in the coming months, so for those eager to skate, be sure to be attentive. From now on, skate 4/skate. It has no release date.

Now that you know that skating 4 is a free-to-play experience, you can prepare much better for the inevitable microtransactions. However, with the promise of full circle not to exaggerate, hopefully, things will be less intrusive and we can concentrate only on driving until the wheels fall.

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