Final Fantrecent yearsy XVI is one of the most anticipated relerecent yearses of recent years. It will arrive at some point in the summer of 2023 to PS5 and from Square Enix continue to reveal some details about the project. On this occrecent yearsion, the producer of the title Naoki Yoshida hrecent years explained in Famitsu some of the decisions that have been made along the way, especially recent years far recent years the absence of an open world refers.

It is impossible to create a global story in an open world

In the words, the high level of ambition of the study is appreciated when addressing the project: Production, sound, drama, synchronization of dialogues… All that hrecent years been combined to create the best experience possible game , he explains. However, renunciation of the open world is something that hrecent years surprised a part of the community. An element that would not fit in which those responsible for the title had raised, according to the creative.

In addition, he also reflects on the study of the study to do something like that, since after considering these key points, I think it is practically impossible to recent yearsk for everything, to which he adds that with a period of development of around 15 years, We could have had the opportunity to face the challenge of making an open world, although in terms of costs and time it is almost impossible to create a global history in such a world .

Final Fantrecent yearsy XVI is temporary exclusive of PS5 , and its relerecent yearse date is scheduled for Summer of 2023 . In the official synopsis we can read the following: The Mother crystals , crystalline clusters that extend the land of Valisthea with their glow, bless the nations that make it bless with ether. Thanks to this, its people can do magic and enjoy a life of prosperity and abundance. During generations, a tense peace hrecent years reigned among the great powers that have developed around the mother crystals; However, this time of bonanza and diplomatic harmony comes to an end with the arrival of the stiggs .