Numerous Warframe players will at some time be charged with capturing rare fish in the Plains of Eidolon, whether for Nightwave difficulties or merely to increase through the rankings of the Ostrons in Cetus. Whatever the case, the fishing auto mechanics, specifically obtaining the uncommon types, can be quite a daunting task. Below’s a lot easier method to do this and also what you require to do to do it, while missing a whole lot of the confusing components.

How to catch rare fish in Plains of Eidolon

You ought to likewise stockpile on Luminous Dyes , which you can buy from Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus for 100 Renown each. You can Acquire the Oxylus Sentinel as well as Equip the Scan Aquatic Lifeforms Precept Mod . Both aid highlight fish in the water, making it less complicated for you to identify them.

As you will certainly find when acquiring your fishing spears in Cetus, there are 3 various spears that concentrate on what kind of fish they can capture. If that just looks like a hassle to you when you’re catching all the various sorts of fish you see in the water, you can essentially miss that thanks to the aforementioned Volt passive.


When that’s all worked out, take out your angling spear and also stay near the orange fish icon on your mini-map .

When that’s all cleared up, get your fishing spear and also hug the orange fish icon on your mini-map . This shows a hotspot for the area, suggesting even more fish are most likely to appear. This is additionally where you must now include your dye and also Murkray Bait. Each time you throw the spear, the damages saved by Volt’s passive will reset, needing you to run in circles for a few seconds to accumulate damages once again.

Next, as well as currently that you have all the products you need, head to a nautical body of water. The most constant location to do this remains in the area southern of Hill Damage . Make certain to Eliminate any kind of Grineer pointed close by so they do not disrupt your fishing session .

Obviously there are 3 variations of the Thumpers, so they all have their own drops. You can obtain every one of these fish components from all versions, consisting of the Narmer variations. Just Domas as well as Bulls go down Seram Beetle Shells.

If you want to level up with the Ostrons yet require all those various fish components, feel cost-free to stroll the plains of Eidolon as well as farm the Tusk Thumpers anytime throughout the day. Upon fatality, they go down all type of important loot items from Cetus. This likewise consists of rare fish products like Murkray Livers, Norg Minds, Cuthol Vines, and Seram Pest Shells.

Expect you intend to catch a norg. It’s a scaly fish, so you’ll require the Peram Spear. If experiencing the gear simply to get it up is a duty, just make use of whatever spear you currently have in hand and get around 50 conserved damages from Volt’s Rubbing passive. Toss your spear at the fish and also you ought to capture it (assuming you do not miss).

You ought to additionally stock up on Luminescent Dyes , which you can buy from Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus for 100 Renown per unit. You can Acquire the Oxylus Guard and also Furnish the Check Aquatic Lifeforms Precept Mod . Since you’re possibly just right here for the Nightwave Challenge, The most convenient rare fish varieties to catch is the Murkray . Make certain to Kill any Grineer stationed close by so they do not interrupt your fishing session .

Battle Structure is free to use PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One as well as Series consoles, Nintendo Switch and also Computer.

Prior to you begin angling generally, you should bring a Volt or Volt Prime if you are a devoted angler . His passive permits him to develop 5 damages per few steps up to 1,000.

Given that you’re most likely simply below for the Nightwave Obstacle, The easiest rare fish types to catch is the Murkray . It’s the only rare fish types that is nocturnal as well as diurnal, so you don’t have to take into consideration cycles. In enhancement to Fish Shade, Volt and each Spear, you require to get Murkray Lure. You only need to be Rank 2 (Visitor) to be able to acquire the lure for this species.