The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency (Chinjinwon) will recruit startups to participate in the survival competitive pitching battlefield to help domestic content startups enter the global market at 2022 startups by the 29th.

Conjinwon ‘Start Upcon’ is an event that provides startups with business information and insights, and promotes startup global exchanges through investment and networking support. This year’s event will be held on October 25th and 26th, ▲ Conference ▲ Competitive Pushing Battlefield ▲ Excellence, Exhibition and Performance ▲ Networking.

On May 31, the company decided to cooperate in fostering contents startups by signing a three-way business agreement with Culture Conn by Club (CCC), which runs Tsutaya Bookstore in Japan. This 2022 startup battlefield joint operation is the first cooperation project.

Survival competitive pitching battlefield can be supported by any domestic content startup within seven years of starting a global market. ▲ Qualifiers’ evaluation ▲ final announcement evaluation ▲ Startupcon will select a total of 3 teams.


The final winning team will receive a prize of 50 million won (1 team), 30 million won (1 team), excellent award 20 million won (1 team), and a total of 100 million won. Follow-up support will be given the opportunity to produce investment attraction reports and meet with investors.

This year, a special CCC award will be awarded to a team with a possibility of business cooperation with Japan CCC. The water team will also hold CCCs in Japan, including Tsutaya Bookstore and Digital Hollywood Graduate School.

In addition, the final team will support the company’s investment attraction (IR) consulting support (IR) consulting support, and the final team will have the opportunity to participate in the startupcon online exhibition hall.

Park Kyung-ja, head of the Congan Nursing Headquarters, said, Battlefield is a good opportunity for content startups with potential for global success. We will use it to help content startups make a bigger leap forward.

For more information, please visit the official website of Conjinwon. If you want to participate, you can submit it by e-mail by 11:00 on July 29.