Developer URNIQUE STUDIO announced Project SteamPunk on June 21. Compatible platforms and distribution times are undecided. It is said that this work is a spin-off work of Timelie-Timera, which was the previous work of the studio and was very highly evaluated.

Timelie-Timera is a stealth puzzle game that operates a girl trapped in a surreal world and a cat I met. Inside the stage, a robot trying to catch the girls is patroling, and the player acts so that it cannot be found. The aim is to get to the exit while making full use of the characteristic time operation system. At this time, it has been overwhelmingly popular in Steam’s user review.

Project SteamPunk, which was announced this time, will be a spin-off work that expands the world view of Timelie-Timera. At the moment, the above teaser trailer has been published only, and the details, including the game genre, have been disclosed. In the first half of the trailer, a girl who is the main character of Timelie-Timera fought with the robots with a glowing sword and escaped to the outside world.

She seems to be somewhere in the real world where the girl escapes. And in front of the girl, a person who seems to be the protagonist of this work appeared, and in the next scene, he is fighting a robot in the night city. The protagonist uses a sword as a weapon, and you can also see the scene where you can grab the streetlights and move highly with equipment like a grappling hook. In addition, there is a scene where a robot blows away from her palm and blow away the robot. On the other hand, the robot has a gun, and the protagonist dodes bullets with dodge roll.

In the video, high-paced and dynamic actions are being developed, and the impression is quite different from the gameplay of Timelie-Timera. On the other hand, there are a number of large gear objects in the city, and with the atmosphere of a steam punk style, you can feel the relationship with the time theme. As a game genre of this work, it seems that it will be an action game. It is also interesting whether the action part of the girl in the first half of the video is included in this work.

The compatible platform and release time of Project Steampunk are undecided. He said that he would like you to wait for the following report, including the game content.