The Hickett family is a mixed group. They are not villains in themselves, but not sacrifices. The way you start viewing them completely depends on how much information you have about history. This is how you can save the Hakhtt family in your career.

How to make the Hickett family survive in The Quarry

You can allow you to survive most of the Hakkett family, but not every1. Of all the members of the Khakett family, only one should die so that the rest survive. The death of Kayili Hickett is an exception, since the player cannot control it. She will die regardless of what you choose during the game. If you allow some hacks to survive, this will mean that some of your other characters will die, therefore, perhaps, do not try to achieve this during the first passage.

How to save Bobby in a career

When you play for Ryan, when you have a decision to hit Bobby with a knife, you should not hurt him. If you do this, Bobby will not be able to save other family members later, and they will die regardless of your choice.

How to save and kill Constance Hickett in a career

The choice of saving or killing Constance appears at the beginning of the ninth chapter. Laura and Constance will begin to fight for control of weapons, and Quick Time Event will occur. If you want to save Constance, let Qtw fail, but if you are after her death, succeed in QTE to demolish her face. However, if you leave Constance alive, but will strike Bobby, her fate has been decided, and she will die later in the ninth chapter.

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How to save and kill Jediyu Hickett in a career

Another option for the death of the Hakkett family in the ninth chapter, this time about the head of the family, Jediad. And again, Laura is involved in this choice, as Jediadia captures her. To keep Jedius alive, you must run, not attack. But choose the last if you want him to die. If Constance is left alive, she will appear next to Jedidia in this scene, but will not appear if she is dead. Even if you let Jedidia survive, he will die if you harm Bobby in the role of Ryan.

How to save and kill Chris Hickett in The Quarry

You cannot save the whole Hicket family, and Chris is one of the members you need to kill in order to save the rest. If you do not kill, Chris will kill Constance and Jediyu. You will find Chris chained. After the events, you have the opportunity to demolish Chris from the shotgun, ultimately killing Chris.

How to save and kill Kaleb Hakkett in a career

To save Caleb is a very interesting choice, as you should sacrifice some of your characters. When playing for Caitlin, do not examine the noise. Instead, select run go to the kitchen. Here, select run again. Kaleb will kill Kaitlin and Dylan and survive. To kill Caleb, examine the noise playing Kaitlin, and she will receive silver bullets, and then shoot at Caleb when he appears.

How to save and kill Travis in The Quarry

Saving Travis is relatively easy and not necessary to kill it. Instead, you must kill Sylas. If you want to kill Travis, do not raise the pistol on Seelas. Events will lead to his death.

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